Best Software for Transferring Files From Android to Mac-Dr. Fone –Phone Manager (Android)

Are you looking for versatile software for managing files on your Android and iOS devices? If so, Dr. Fone is an excellent deal. This great tool will help you recover all your erased files and even back up saved files. Besides, it enables you to export files from one device to the other. Dr. Fone is loaded with other important tools including screen recording, screen removal rooting among others. All these tools have been put in place to help users manage their phones. Dr. Fone software makes transferring files effortless. Click the following link to learn how to transfer files from Android to Mac with Dr. Fone.

Why is Dr. Fone –Phone Manager (Android) the Best?

Dr.Fone wore the crown of unmatched file transfer software. Apart from having a friendly user interface, it is highly efficient. It is equipped with features to enable easy transfer of files between Android & Mac devices. It is considered more effective as compared to other file transfer tools. For instance, it supports other Android versions.

What Can Dr. Fone do?

Dr. Fone has multiple functions. One of its key functions is transferring files from Android to Mac effortlessly. Here is what you will achieve with the software;

  • Export data from Android or computers. The type of data or files includes SMS, Contacts, Music, photos, content, and so on.
  • Export iTunes to Android or from Android to iTunes.
  • It gives users full control of their computer or Android device
  • The software blends perfectly with Android 8.0.
  • Fone –Phone Manager (Android) features that keep it on top of the game

Features of Dr. Fone

Wide-ranging files transfer capabilities

Dr. Fone has amazing capabilities. For instance, it is used to export a broad range of date. This includes images, audios, contacts, messages, and other files.

Supports a Broad Range of Operating System

The best files for transferring files from Android to Mac should be responsive to different versions. This exactly what Dr. Fone offers. It supports such operating systems as Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

High-Security Standards

Before settling for any software, you have to consider its security features. Incredibly, Dr. Fone is secure and 100% safe. Therefore, you can download it on your operating system without worrying that it will cause security issues.

Easy to Use

The usability of software is a key factor to consider. The developer of this striking software understands just how much you hate complex stuff. As a result, they have created you easy to use the software. You will be able to export your files in seconds through a step to steps easy to implement the procedure.

Superb Speed When Transferring Your Files

Unlike some software that will take forever just to transfer a few data from one device to the other, Dr, Fone has a remarkable speed. In less than 3 minutes, you should be done with the data transfer.

Supports Transfer of Multiple Files

Incredibly, these tools support the transfer of over 15 types of files. Regardless of the type of file you want to export, Dr. Fone does not disappoint.

Step to Step Procedure of Transferring Files from Android to Mac with Dr. Fone

If by any chance you did not open the link provided above, this section will guide you on how to export your files from Android to Mac with this unexceptional tool. The process is easy to implement. Here is what you have to do;

 Download Dr.Fone from the App Store on your Mac. Install the software and open it. On the control panel, you will see the ‘Phone Manager’ tab.

Connect your Mac to an Android device using a digital cable. Once the cable has been detected, open the files containing your files. Now highlight the files you intend to transfer. On your Mac, search for Export to PC tab and click on it. In no time, your files will all be transferred the Mac system.

Finally, now you know how to transfer files from Android to Mac with Dr. Fone. The tool is efficient, fast, and reliable. Download it now from the App store and transfer all your files in minutes.