Why some plans of hosting are so cheap?


I brief list of only 4 of the most popular and cheapest cheap hosting providers I have found, however, there are many more swarming the web. How do they lower costs so much?

In order not to get caught up in so many technical definitions, I could summarize that in order to choose the best cheap web hosting you must consider two things: Availability time (in English Uptime), and reliability.

Availability time is the percentage in a given period of time in which a web server is online continuously. The higher the percentage, the better the availability of your site. Hosting with a low availability time can result in your site down for hours, and this results in the loss of visitors who migrate to the competition.

This time is measured in percentage, the closer the availability time is, and the better the host will be. Some offer times in 99%, others in 99.9%. Obviously, cheap hosting will have a low uptime because it uses fewer resources.

You can obtain this information from the technical support of the hosting company, or from their web portal. For this there are also our reviews, consulting others about their experiences will give you a much better real picture than the marketing campaigns of companies that sometimes turn out to be misleading.

Obviously, all these opinions are recommendations, and the one with the final word is you.

Creating a fully functional, stable and beautiful website is the key to success on the Internet.

Finding a cheap hosting that can efficiently host a web project regardless of whether it is personal or corporate, a portfolio or an online store is the main objective of those who want to spend just and enough.

While saving every penny is very important, finding a service that is worth it is also important

These cheap hosting services will give you the necessary tools to build an attractive website with excellent performance, even with a limited budget.

  • The Email Shop (cheap hosting with many features)
  • HostPapa (if you want cheap hosting for two websites)
  • HostGator (oriented to those who take their first steps)
  • A2 Hosting (additional speed and power)

1. The Email Shop – complete and very cheap

  • Availability100%
  • Speed 77ms
  • Price: € 0.80 / month

In the beginning, The Email Shop started with a free web creation platform called 000webhost, with it he could learn to improve paid hosting plans to be able to offer a high-quality service at the best price in the entire industry.

Those who may be limited by free services will see The Email Shop the opportunity to jump to hosting with much more performance and security without spending too much.

The Email Shop has three best email hosting and shared hosting plans, where the cheap hosting plan called Simple Hosting that is now on offer for Black Friday will end up costing you € 0.80 per month (it does not reach € 10 per year, the first year) incredibly cheap right ?. The other two plans plus costs are called Premium Hosting and Business Hosting, with a cost of € 2.15 per month and € 3.45 per month respectively.

A Fast Hosting for Any Project

The interesting thing about The Email Shop is the number of tools it offers so you can manage and manage your website without spending a lot of money.

Among the tools it offers you can upload your files through a secure FTP account, configure your PHP server to enable or disable extensions as your web application needs, and you will achieve high speeds with its cache management among other things.

Another great tool is your system to auto-install hundreds of applications, including the most popular content management systems. This makes The Email Shop a cheap WordPress hosting since of course, you have it in your rooster.

But this does not end here. Although you can only have a single website with a cheap hosting plan, this website will be protected with weekly safeguards and protection against links from other websites to yours (hotlink protection). What else do you want?

Notable features of The Email Shop’s cheap plan:

  • 1 website
  • 10GB of disk space
  • 100GB of bandwidth
  • 1 email account
  • 1 FTP account
  • Weekly backups

2. HostPapa – ideal for two websites

  • Availability 100%
  • Speed466.86ms
  • Price: € 1.95 / month

A good, beautiful and cheap hosting must be fast, secure and have an easy to use and solid interface. In this section, HostPapa really stands out.

In addition to being a relatively new hosting provider in the industry, HostPapa has resolved to provide outstanding technical support, not only in human contact 24 hours a day throughout the year but also in moving customers to a service that is safe. And work at all times.

HostPapa has a solid set of shared hosting plans, WordPress hosting, VPS and others. In its cheap hosting section, it offers very cheaply shared hosting services with many features included that you will not find in other industry providers.

In your cheaper plan called Initial, thanks to the special offer offered through this medium you will have to host at € 1.95 per month! What does this cheap promotional price include? Nothing more or nothing less than the possibility of having two websites, free domain, free SSL certificate, a whopping 100GB of storage on SSD disks, unmeasured traffic to adapt to the growth of your site and CDN through CloudFlare.

Hosting all in one, cheap and ecological

HostPapa generally has wonderful promotional rates, so you can also start with a website at a fairly cheap price as you have seen before, and you can easily move to more complete plans as your site grows. You can also choose to pay a lower rate in advance by hiring a long hosting period.

This best email hosting prices have remained virtually the same for a fairly long period of time, however, promotions are always around the corner.

HostPapa is known for being a green company that is to say “oriented to the preservation of the environment” it is constantly presented efforts to save energy and obtain it from renewable energy sources.

Through annual energy use audits, HostPapa purchases green or renewable energy tickets equivalent to its level of consumption. This then allows renewable energy companies to provide the clean energy network by ensuring that HostPapa is a company that prevents the proliferation of polluting energy sources.

Notable features of the cheap HostPapa plan:

  • 100GB of SSD storage
  • Transfer not measured
  • SSL certificate
  • Free Domain
  • Unlimited Mail Accounts
  • CDN with CloudFlare
  • Free Transfer

3. HostGator – for beginners

  • Availability: 99.99%
  • Speed: 1991ms
  • Price: 2.75 US $ / month

HostGator is a hosting company belonging to the EIG group, very popular in the United States that has been expanding to other latitudes. It promises to offer low cost and high-performance services.

Among the types of services they offer are shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS, dedicated servers and domains. Your cheap hosting plan is a shared hosting service. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a professional, HostGator has hosted for you.

HostGator plans are varied, they start at a cost of US $ 2.75 / month (about € 2.47 / month), but you should hire at least a one-year plan, or about € 15.36 per year (about € 13.78). Then there are two more superior plans called Baby Plan, with a cost of US $ 3.95 / month (they would be about € 3.55 / month, € 42.60 per year), and the Business plan with a cost of 5.95 US $ per month (about € 5.35 per month, € 64.2 per year).

Website Creator “Gator” Super Simple

Experienced professionals and novice users alike will be surprised at how fast and easy it is to create a commercial, blog or business website.

A new website can be built and launched with this powerful and simple website creator. Drag and drop your path to online success.

You can also easily implement a WordPress site thanks to its complete auto-installer. I recommend it for those who want to have a range of varied features to build a fast website and without spending too much.

In addition to all this secure environment, customer support can be contacted not only through traditional email/ticket channels but also through a phone call (yes, in English).

Notable features of the cheap HostGator plan:

  • 1 website
  • Storage not measured
  • Unmeasured traffic
  • SSL Included
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free domain

4. A2 Hosting – great speed and power

  • Availability 99.99%
  • Speed 208ms
  • Price: € 2.65 / month

A2 Hosting claims to be a “high performance and high power hosting” and makes its reliability and speed a top priority. According to them, their servers achieve a speed 20 times faster than competitive servers thanks to its implementation of SSD disk storage and its Turbo Server technology.

And this does not happen only in VPS or Dedicated hosting plans, but the implementation of Turbo optimization in A2 Hosting also occurs in their Shared Hosting plans.

According to them, their availability time or Uptime is 99.9% guaranteed on all their servers. And your support is available to solve any problem 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round regardless of holidays or non-commercial days.

Within the shared hosting plans offered by A2 Hosting, cheap hosting has a promotional cost of € 2.65 per month and is called LITE, offering to host 1 single website, 5 MySQL databases, traffic and unlimited storage, certificate SSL to secure your website and free migration. Then there are two additional plans of higher cost, ranging from € 3.33 per month in the SWIFT to € 6.33 per month in the TURBO which is the most expensive plan. These last two plans offer everything unlimited and the most expensive offers additional optimization to improve speed considerably.

Notable features of the cheap A2 Hosting plan:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited traffic
  • SSL Included
  • Free Migration
  • 1 Website
  • 5 Databases
  • Additional security tools