Benefits of content marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that enables consistent content of a certain value and relevance to be created by targeting the previously known user audience and as a result to activate these audiences.

Content marketing is a great opportunity to increase recall, brand loyalty, and income. Let content marketing be a binder from your potential customers to your customers throughout the entire sales cycle. By establishing two-way communication with the target audience, you will establish more meaningful relationships and you will see the return on investment of the value-based content strategy yourself. In short, content marketing is a very powerful tool and we have to do what we need to do for this tool. But for those who still do not believe in the power of content marketing, there is some information, numbers, and statistics below. When content marketing is implemented correctly, you can have a position to beat your competitors. Here is the proof you will need to use content marketing.

  1. Positive Reflection on Sales

Sales are the most important thing for almost any marketing effort. If your sales are not increasing, you should improve your activity or turn to another activity. According to researches, content marketing is very effective in terms of sales impact. According to Hub spot’s research, in B2B marketing, trusting and purchasing content produced through content marketing is 51%. In the same study, 47% of people believe that seeing around three to five content is necessary before talking to a sales consultant. Content marketing not only proves to people that you are a good expert, but it also encourages people to buy. If you can add value to your customer and present a product for their benefit, you can see content marketing as a very important and critical sales tool

2- Lowers Marketing Costs

Well-prepared and creative content that will increase your visibility and reputation of your business in the online world sounds good, but how much will this cost you? Cost is an important factor, especially for small companies. Fortunately, content marketing is not a way to take it all to your budget. According to research published in Gartner, the cost of content marketing is 62% less than traditional advertising. At the same time, each pound spent generates three times more returns than traditional advertising.

3- Increases Website Traffic

One of the indisputable most important effects of content marketing is its traffic contribution to websites. The most important thing people do on the internet is to consume content. Offering content that people can consume will naturally have a positive impact on traffic. You can see the positive effects of content marketing on SEO, which is one of the tangible contributions. According to researches, companies that control and develop their content receive 7.8 times more traffic than companies that do not. In short, companies that spend their time creating and developing creative content have many advantages in the long run.

4- Helps You Acquire Potential Customers

If you are producing content, you want to create potential customers that you can benefit from. This can be done by writing in long-form. According to Buffer’s research on the most influential content, content in long-form, content containing at least 800 words in general, provides the author with a space where he can expand his thinking and tell readers the big picture. If a potential customer understands that you are an expert in a particular field, he believes that you dominate your industry and trust you. As you know very well,

5- Social Media Contribution

Social media. Are you trying to get the power of channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? If the answer is no, you should devote some more time and attention to these channels. In researches, most marketers said that you believe your traffic from social media marketing will increase if you spend six hours a week on social media marketing. This means almost an hour a day, and not much. However, there is an important issue here, what will you do in this time, what kind of content will you benefit from social media? Here is one of the most important advantages of content marketing in social media communication. If you have a healthy content marketing strategy and produce content systematically, you have a lot of content that can be shared on social media.

6- Blog

If you are posting blogs, which you should, take time to find topics that have not been mentioned before. Then, share the content you created on the right date and with the tone of your brand. A blog is a well-working medium. The blog is also an environment where you can engage audiences. According to the Content Marketing Institute, those who sell 11 or more blog posts per month among companies selling products from the company have four times more chances to reach potential customers than those who share a blog once a week. If you are serious about being creative and adding value to your customers, you should make sure that this attitude will be represented everywhere. 

7- Personal Touch

Research published in Marketing Land revealed that 71% of consumers prefer personalized content. In the same research, 44% of consumers intend to give their personal information on behalf of more personalized content and advertising. 78% of consumers said they felt that they were in a relationship with brands using customized content. This means almost four out of every five consumers. 82% of consumers stated that they felt positive against companies using personalized content, and 70% felt close to the company. In short, people want content that interests them directly. If you know how to target these people and how to reach them, your content marketing efforts are likely to succeed.