Bakery Processing Equipment Market : Future Growth And Forecast With Significant Players

Bakery processing equipment are used to process dough and for handling baked articles made from dough. Various tools under bakery equipment includes bread systems, bread slicers, mixers, ovens and proofers, divider and rounders, sheeters and moulders, pan greasers and depositors. Based on application, bakers processing equipment are used to make breads, cookies and biscuits, cakes and pastries, pizza crusts, desserts, and others (croissants, donuts, and pretzels). The global bakery processing equipment market is growing at an exponential rate as a result of growth in the bakery market. Hence, players in the  bakery processing equipment market are concentrating on product development and developing technologically advanced equipment in order to cater to the growing demand for bakery goods consumption. The mounting need for flexible equipment will also give rise to the need for automation so as to manage efficient operations at prescribed times. Increase in energy efficiency equipment, increasing safety of equipment, and minimizing the cost of maintenance are some of the key factors that are driving the growth of the bakery equipment market. Transparency Market Research analyses the global bakery processing equipment market in terms of value in US Mn and volume sales in terms of ‘000 (thousand) units.

bakery processing equipment market
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The global bakery processing equipment market is expected to reach around US$ 21,344.7 Mn by 2026. The Asia Pacific bakery processing equipment market incurred the highest market share, accounting for US$ 394.6 Mn in 2016. The market dynamics of the global bakery processing equipment are subject to factors mainly related to the increasing bakery consumption worldwide resulting in increasing number of bakery equipment manufacturers. Europe and the United States dominate the bakery market; however, the equipment for bakery processing is mainly imported from China and other Asian countries to cater to the Asia Pacific region and many other regions globally. Additionally, increasing focus of processed food safety from the consumer’s point of view has led to the growth of the bakery processing equipment market. Consumers are inclining toward food products of those manufacturers who use automated processes. Automation reduces human contact with the food during the manufacturing process, thereby reducing the chances of contamination of food due to human negligence. Moreover, consumers are becoming smarter in terms of choosing their products. They prefer products containing labeling such as ““preservative-free,” “all natural,” “no artificial ingredients” etc. Consumers seek certain food safety standards in the packaging of the products that ensures its safety and quality. All these factors are anticipated to drive the growth of the bakery processing equipment market.

One of the major challenges affecting the growth of the bakery processing equipment market is waste control in the food production line. Wastewater generated in bakery manufacturing originates from equipment cleaning and floor washing. It contains rich oils and grease. Flour, oil, sugar, and yeast are the major components in the waste.  Equipment that is not running efficiently may result in burnt, undercooked food, or even over-mixed food, thereby generating waste. Additionally, achieving the level of quality on the production floor is also a major restraint. Usage of sub-standard equipment results in manufacturing poor quality foods. All these factors are expected to be restraints for the growth of the bakery processing equipment market.

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However, big bakers are entering the developing economies where there is huge consumption of bakery products. This is anticipated to drive growth of bakery processing equipment manufacturers. Additionally, government support for food processing industry is also expected to prop up the bakery processing equipment market.

Some of the key players profiled in the global bakery processing equipment market are GEA Group AG, Buhler Holding AG, John Bean Technologies Corporation, Ali Group S.r.l., Heat and Control, Inc., Meyer Industries, Inc., Baker Perkins Limited, Markel Food Group, and ANKO Food Machine Co., Ltd.

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