Automated Smart Locker System Market Forecast Hit by Coronavirus Outbreak, Downside Risks Continue to Escalate

Contactless Self-service Automated Locker Systems Grow Popular during Coronavirus Crisis

Contactless secure locker solutions are gaining increased prominence during the coronavirus pandemic. This trend is anticipated to surge with the ever-evolving eCommerce platforms, especially in the U.S. and Germany. A significant rise in eCommerce sales is signaling incremental opportunities for companies in the automated smart locker system market. Popular logistics company, DHL, witnessed a drastic growth in parcel shipments during the COVID-19 crisis compared to trends observed during the Christmas season each year.

Companies in the automated smart locker system market such as Smartbox has garnered market recognition for its self-service automated locker systems that deploy secure transfer of goods and parcels during COVID-19. Companies are increasing efforts to invest in comprehensive hardware and software solutions to keep economies running amidst the pandemic.

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Mobile Apps Disperse Regular Software Updates to Prevent Violation by IT Experts

Automated smart locker systems provide full access control to users. However, its disadvantages such as sudden blackout of the control unit or a fault of the recognition device are likely to inhibit market growth. Hence, companies in the automated smart locker system market are increasing awareness among users to regularly update their systems to prevent tampering. Since electronic devices can be violated by IT (Information Technology) experts, manufacturers in the automated smart locker system market are focusing on mobile apps to disperse regular software updates to users.

Regular software updates help to modify encryption and keep smart locks unaltered. As such, advantages such as activation through biometric readers tend to offset the disadvantages of smart lockers.

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Smart Locker Systems Facilitate Reliable Package Management in Educational Campuses

Smart and touch-free locker systems are being highly publicized in educational campuses. Companies in the automated smart locker system market are capitalizing on the opportunity to help universities to seek fast and reliable solutions to deliver packages to students and staff safely. As such, there is a growing demand for smart lockers that do not take up too much space and can optimize package management processes.

Nowadays, students expect a pick-up process that mimics their easy, convenient, and simple purchasing experience. This trend is translating into value grab opportunities for companies in the automated smart locker system market.

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Smart Access Technology Reach Locker Rooms in Hotels

Mobile and smart access technology in locker rooms is helping to optimize the hotel guest experience. SALTO Systems— a provider of innovative access control solutions is tapping revenue opportunities in the hospitality sector by driving sales of its SALTO XS4 Locker BLE, which offers storage of items and valuables safely. Activities such as spa treatments, exercise, and other amenities have triggered the demand for safe and reliable smart lockers.

The rising popularity of mobile engagement with hotel guests is creating incremental opportunities for companies in the automated smart locker system market. The smart access technology is being incorporated in locker rooms in hotels to enhance the digital experience if guests.

Innovative Dispensing Solutions Offer Growth Opportunities to Retail Sector

Apart from commercial applications, automated smart locker systems hold a significant revenue in residential applications. As such, the automated smart locker system market is projected to reach the value of US$ 1.8 Bn by the end of 2030. Modular and intelligent locker systems are gaining prominence in the retail sector. Signifi Solutions— a provider of innovative solutions to the automated retail industry is increasing its product portfolio in intelligent locker systems.

Packaged solutions involving security cameras, RFID (radio-frequency identification) readers, and Internet are being integrated with intelligent locker systems. Easy management of new and outgoing staff, and modular dispensing solutions in the retail sector are being preferred by stakeholders in the retail industry.