Anthony Marinaccio’s Top 5 Productivity Hacks To Boost Your Day

The concept of productivity has remained one of the most discussed topics in recent years. In an age where technology advancements come at almost the speed of thought, and distractions abound like never before, which means most people seldom save time for the other necessary tasks they have assigned for the day.

As a result, only people who are seriously applying some self-disciplinary measure(s), also known as productivity hacks, tend to get anything meaningful done by the time the day is over. 

We caught up with Top Mortgage Lender, Anthony Marinaccio, to discuss his specific productivity hacks which keep him at the peak of his industry. Marinaccio has been known for his ability to operate at the highest level of lending for over 17 years, for that reason alone, we chose him to help you apply hacks that you can immediately implement to remain optimally productive all day long.

1. Drink a glass of water immediately after you wake

If you are observant, you’d agree with me that waking up in the morning is usually accompanied by a parched throat and dry mouth. 

For this reason, medical practitioners advocate for drinking a glass of water as one of the first tasks in the morning.

This act goes a long way. Ridding the body of harmful toxins in the morning by drinking a glass of water is vital. It also helps to hydrate the body, clear the mind, and refresh the body too”.

2. Stay off the phone during the first hour after waking up

This right here is one of the most subtle addictions of the modern-day – let’s call it the screen addiction. More often than not, most people have grown accustomed to the dopamine rush associated with the checking of our instant messaging notification. This highly distracting habit even becomes worse when it becomes the first thing we do after waking up from sleep: reaching for our smart-phones. 

Performance experts strongly advise against this, as it has a strong tendency of casting a bleak light on the rest of our day if the first set of news or mail you open the day with are negative.

Use this first hour, instead, to soak in the new day, reflect, exercise, and mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead.

3. Schedule your day (tip: do not put more than 5 of the essential tasks on your list)

We all agree that scheduling our daily tasks is very important (emphasis on the very). However, some of us take responsibility too far. 

How do I mean? You might ask. 

The truth is, most people overwhelm themselves with loads of work on their to-do list, all in the name of productivity. Skip this approach.

Experts have found it better to whittle that long and scary list down to at least three to five main tasks for the day. It helps us focus better and eventually gives more quality results during the day.

4. Create a dedicated work area for yourself

Creating a dedicated workplace might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s severe. The chances are slim that you designed your office work environment to bring out the best work experience for you and your team. 

However, it’s an entirely different scenario if you work from home.

Why? Because it is imperative that you design a section and dedicate it to work alone.

Be it school work, creative work, or work for the office, ensure you have that one room or corner in your home solely dedicated to this task. You’ll be all the better for it, trust me.

5. Disable notifications on your mobile and web apps to avoid distractions

This last point is straight as an arrow and clear as crystal. Keep your hands off your phone unless extremely necessary. Also, stay off social media during your work hours. Make use of all in one distraction blockers that prevent you from accessing specific apps or websites during work hours. These can help in boosting your focus, performance, and productivity.

Bonus: Ensure you dedicate some time to rest, listen to music, or even take a walk in between your day’s routine. It’ll help you feel refreshed and energized.