Andrew Fashion – Using Code To Fill A Travel Void

Take a moment if you will, and imagine the following scenario:

You are desperately trying to make a living through Internet advertising.  You are making a little bit of money, but there is not any real income coming in outside of enough to make monthly bills – sometimes not even that.

One day, your meager income jumps from a hundred dollars or so a day to several thousand dollars.  This happened in under 24 hours to Andrew Thompson, aka, Andrew Fashion.

Fashion has true skills for two things: coding and business.  He began his coding in middle school building games in BASIC and graduated to app development.  It is app development that Fashion has his eyes on now, and his business acumen is laser-pointed onto a single concept that is set to drastically change the way people book travel and hotels.

Fashion is from Denver, Colorado and currently lives in Los Angeles.  His previous business and app, Evolve, had the likes of Jessica Alba and Sommer Ray backing it.  Additionally, he raised 1.7 million dollars for the app and company.

Today, Fashion is living modestly, working on his newest passion and caring for his daughter, Sage.  His current project is a new way to enjoy travel with friends and even strangers.  The app’s name – Gypsee.  Gypsee’s purpose – to take the way people travel and completely change it around.

Gypsee works deceptively simply.  A subscriber selects an adventure destination from a list of high interest, curated locations.  Friends can be added with a push of a button.

This may sound like any other travel app with destinations, but there are a few exceptions that make Gypsee different.

Gypsee allows subscribers to make easy monthly payments towards their adventure; each person is responsible for their own portion; everything from the flight to the hotel is 100 percent inclusive.  Each person needs to make it to their closest major airport, and everyone should arrive on location within a few hours of one another.

Gypsee from idea to app is like most things invented.  It was born out of necessity.  Fashion and his friends enjoyed travel, and there was never an issue with making the trip.  Fashion took care of 100 percent of the way.  Everyone was happy.

Jump forward a few years.  The group wants to take a trip to Asia.  Fashion can cover his portion, but the remainder of his friends lacked the finances up front to make the journey.

Fashion’s best friend and confidante came up with the idea behind the app, Fashion the name and the coding behind it and his team, the Sextet of Acolytes, helping make Gypsee a reality.

Gypsee has plans for a soft launch in early March.  The first subscribers will be selected as special users and ambassadors of the brand.  There are other special benefits for those who elect the best of the best in travel.

Gypsee will launch on iOS initially with the Android coming later on in the summer along with curated adventure opportunities for winter locations in the continental U.S.