Ancient Egyptians symbols and their importance.

Many countries have rich traditional and cultural heritage. Like India, Egypt is also famous for its rich culture and old traditions. Its ancient symbols and monuments always attract tourists. The famous Egyptian pyramids are recognized worldwide. People from different countries visit Egypt to see the pyramids. Other notable ancient Egyptian heritage includes its 1000 years old mummies. Yes! You heard it right! You can go and visit the Pyramids full of Mummies.

Do you know the story behind Mummies? In ancient Egypt, people believed that the soul could return to life in its original body after death. They thought that preserving one’s body may help that. Thus, they used to mummify the bodies of their loved ones and keep them in the box. They believed that the body of the person is the house of the spirit. Thus, they used to put every important thing that a person used to like when he/she was alive. They used to put jewels, edibles, etc. so that the soul can enjoy when it comes back to the body in their afterlife. Horrifying yet fascinating, right?

Do you know? Egypt has a museum full of mummies. You can walk right to the museum and see a room full of mummies. Imagine how fascinating it can be!

Now, in this article, we will discuss the most important ancient Egyptian Symbols and their importance:-

Do you know? That there are several symbols encrypted on the walls of pyramids. These symbols are encrypted by the ancient Egyptians and depict the life of antique and old Egypt. These symbols are their language and are known as Pharaonic Symbols. Check out these symbols and their values in the daily life of Egyptians one by one:-

  1. Symbol of Life(The Ankh):-

The Ankh, as the name represents, is a symbol in the shape of an eye. The symbols used by Ancient Egyptians in their daily life and used to describe the meaning of immortal life. The Ankh is like a cross attached with a handle. The other name of the Ankh is The key of the Nile and can be seen on the walls and paintings all over Egypt. This symbol has another meaning too. The Ankh is also the symbol of love and union of Isis and Osiris.

  1. Osiris’s Symbol:-

Osiris is an ancient Egyptian god of death, resurrection, afterlife, fertility and agriculture. He has great importance in Ancient Egypt. Old people had a symbol for depicting their god, and the symbol is known as Djed.

This symbol is used to represent Osiris, who is the good of birth, regeneration and stability.

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  1. Eye of Ra(Wadjet Eye):-

Wadjet Eye or Eye of Horus has great significance in Ancient Egypt. It is used as a protection against evil and negative vibes. According to Old Egyptian traditions, Only Wadjet Eye can protect them against disease, envy, harmful animals and provide wealth and power. Thus, people used gold to make the symbol.

It is said that Ancient Egyptians made the gold Wadjet Eye and placed it with the mummy of Pharaoh. They used to believe that it would protect him in his afterlife.

Also, another story reveals that Horus used the Eye of Ra as a magic spell to save his father’s life. Interesting, yes? Let us check another symbol.

  1. Was Sceptre:-

Was scepter, also known as Was symbol, is another famous ancient Egyptian Symbol of great significance. It is said that the wand is the god’s dominion and represents power and never-ending prosperity of the king’s rule. The top of the scepter is in the form of an animal’s head and a fork-like base.

  1. Egyptian Scarab Beetle:-

Egyptian Scarab Beetle is another significant symbol that is used as an amulet by Egyptians. It is believed to protect every living being on the planet. Also, it works as a shield in the afterlife. Thus, Ancient Egyptians (dead or living) used to wear this as an Amulet. This beetle also represents power, guidance, regeneration, death etc.

  1. Nameplate AKA Cartouche:-

For Egyptians, the afterlife also plays an important role, and this Cartouche works as a protective shield against evil. They believed that Cartouche could save them from evil spirits in this life as well as the afterlife. It is often Circular, mostly Oval and contains a horizontal bar. In this nameplate, a serpent is encrypted who is biting his tail.

  1. The Lotus Symbol:-

The symbol of Lotus was important, but Lotus also played an essential part in the life of Ancient Egyptian people. Let us first discuss the lotus symbol and the importance of the Lotus later.

The symbol of Lotus represents the two kingdoms and their unification.

It also represents the process of unification among two people or clans.

And the Lotus played an essential part in the lives of Egyptians. There were two types of Lotus known at that time: The white Lotus and the Blue Lotus. Both of them were used to manufacture different fragrances and perfumes. Egyptians used to soak Lotus in a fatty substance in a reverse direction to acquire the needed scent. Due to the Lotus ability to heal inflammation, Ancient people used it as a medicine too.

  1. The rearing Cobra or Uraeus:-

This Greek symbol is of utmost importance and is used to represent the Gods, Pharaohs and Goddesses. There is excellent mythology behind Uraeus, which is a symbol of royalty. It is believed that the Cobra is the symbol of the ancient goddess Wadjet, who is known to offer protection against evil and embodies immeasurable magical powers.

Also, Uraeus, being the symbol of strength and protection, God Geb used it to offer Pharaohs to bring prosperity in their Kingship.

The other Ancient symbols are Canopic jars, Ka symbol, Ba symbol, Winged Sun(Behediti), Amenta(Symbol of the dead), Ouroboros, Tyet or the knot of Isis, Crook and flail(Osiris emblem), red Crown or Deshret’s crown etc.

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