Analysis of Potential Impact of COVID-19 on Vegan Cheese Market

North America Vegan Cheese Market: Introduction

A recent report published by Transparency Market Research on North America vegan cheese market includes industry analysis and opportunity assessment for 20212031. The overall revenue generated by North America vegan cheese market is estimated to be US$ 600 Mn in 2021 and is expected to reach US$ 1.4 Bn by the end of forecast period.

north america vegan cheese market

Growing Plant-based Food Demand Driving North America Vegan Cheese Market

The global dairy industry is experiencing unprecedented level of competitiveness and change, owing to the rise of viable plant-based alternatives in a variety of categories. Vegan cheese is increasingly being used in baking products, vegan snacks, and fast food items such as pizza and burgers since it is cholesterol-free.

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Plant-based alternatives are no longer considered niche items that need limited shelf space. Manufacturers will see impressive sales opportunities as the vegan cheese market continues to develop. Furthermore, a wholesome plant-based diet can be less expensive than an omnivorous diet. This is fueling the demand for mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, ricotta, cream cheese, and other cheeses.


Another encouraging factor is the rise of customer health consciousness, which is driving up sales of plant-based foods. The health & wellness industry has historically performed well and health-related spending has increased significantly.

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Increased Awareness for Healthy Diet to Increase Sales of Vegan Cheese

The increase in customer perception of lactose intolerance is a major driver of the global vegan cheese market. As a result, vegan cheese, vegan meat, and vegan yoghurt are increasingly common among consumers. According to a report conducted by the National Library of Medicine in 2018, approximately 65 percent of the human population has difficulty digesting lactose after infancy.

Furthermore, a growing number of grocery stores and outlets is beginning to stock plant-based cheese varieties. The change in lifestyles coupled high expenditure on high quality products income has contributed to a shift in consumer eating habits, and has made numerous desserts and flavors available to consumers.

As veganism has grown in popularity, food producers have begun to incorporate dairy-free alternatives into their product lines. Plant-based cheese is gaining popularity in bakeries and fast food restaurants. Quick food restaurants such as McDonald’s have also started selling plant-based fast food such as plant-based burgers and fries in order to capitalize on the growing demand for plant-based cheese.

Rise in Population Adopting Vegan Diet

The rising popularity of vegan and vegetarian food has caused a shift in the food industry. According to the Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA), the vegan retail food industry’s worth grew by 11.4% in March 2020 and hit a staggering $5 billion. With more plant-based choices on grocery store shelves and restaurant menus, the food industry is responding to these demands.

Due to increased awareness of benefits of plant-based dairy products, availability at grocery stores, and increasing trend of flexitarian diet, household consumption of vegan cheese is growing at the fastest rate. It has grown in popularity among millennials due to a variety of benefits, including improved mental wellbeing and reduced severity of certain allergies.