All You Need to Know About Return Policies of Your Favourite Stores in the UK


Imagine that you see the most perfect in the store of a window while you are rushing to work. You do not have time to go shopping but you do not want to miss out on buying the perfect top that you have laid eyes upon. You are in two minds about whether you should go in and buy it quickly or if you should just keep walking to work. You decide to go in and buy the top but you obviously, cannot make time to try it on.

So, you pick the one that you assume is your size and quickly make your purchase. The thought of your latest purchase keeps you going throughout the day and you can’t wait to get home and try it on. At the end of your work day, you try on the top and realise that it does not fit. You are sad but knowing that the store has a return policy might comfort you in such a situation. This is why most retailers have updated return policies and they make sure that their customers are aware of it while making their purchase.

Customers Need to Be Aware of Return Policies When They Make Purchases

Retailers cannot wash their hands-off responsibility once a purchase has been made. A return policy sees to this. If a customer changes their mind about the product/products that they have purchased then they can return it to the store with minimal hassles if the terms and conditions of the return policies are met. So, customers must be aware of the return policies of the stores from where they are purchasing things.

Things Entailed in A Return Policy for Most Brands

Here are some things that customers must be aware of if they are trying to

Urban Outfitters Returns

  1. Customers must check whether the product that they are trying to return falls in the returnable category or not.
  2. The original bills and receipts from the purchase must be preserved as the brand you have made your purchase from may ask for them during the returns process.
  3. There is generally a time period within which a purchased product must be returned. Urban outfitters returns can be made within 30 days of the date of delivery or date of purchase while Pretty little things returns can be made within 45 days of making the purchase or from the date of delivery.
  4. Pierced jewellery, beauty products and undergarments are generally non-returnable for hygiene reasons. Pretty little things returns can be made even on undergarments if the hygiene seal is not broken on them.
  5. Some businesses make it compulsory for the product to be in the original packaging for it to be returned.
  6. If you are looking to return shoes then they must not be worn outside and must not have any wear tear.
  7. Some brands may give you a refund for the returned product or they may give you credit and allow to make further purchases for the same amount of money that you have previously paid. Some brands may even allow you to choose other products in return for the ones you gave back. This policy is mostly non-negotiable so you cannot ask for another product when you are being offered credit and vice versa.

To Conclude

Returning products may seem like a hassle for most customers but if you are aware of the returns policy and follow it properly then things become a lot easier for them and also the store or brand from where the purchases have been made. It is better to be clear of the returns policy while making the initial purchase so if you have trouble with any purchases later you will not have to worry and run around trying to get it exchanged. You will be aware of exactly what needs to be done.