Advertisement (Ad) Blockers Market is Booming Worldwide with Prominent Players: Eyeo GmbH, Ghostery, Inc

Global Advertisement (Ad) Blockers Market: Brief Overview

Online advertisements, which are in the form of banner ads, sponsored links, text ads, sponsored stories, animations, pictures, and pop-up windows which make use of audio or video which are auto played, compel users to watch videos in full screen when they are browsing through an article and can be extremely annoying.

Therefore, a large number of users are installing ad blockers. By removing any undesirable advertising content from a web page, advertisement blockers which are installed as a web extension or plugin can help give users an enhanced browsing experience. Several web extensions and plugins are available in the market today which are not only fast and easy to install but also effective. Many of these are open source and easily available. Today advertisement blockers are also being installed on smartphones, and this is expected to further the number of installations of these software or plugins.

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Global Advertisement (Ad) Blockers Market: Trends And Opportunities

One of the key factors boosting the installation of advertisement blockers is the growing need for privacy and uninterrupted browsing. As most of the advertisements are programmed in a way to track and record the browsing activity or pattern of users so as to give relevant advertisements to them, it often makes the users uncomfortable as they are not very keen on sharing their interest or browsing details to anonymous people. Therefore there is a rising demand for safeguarding the privacy and security of user identity. This is anticipated to boost the installation of advertisement blockers. Many cybercriminals are reaching to the public through malicious software and advertisements and this will bolster the growth of the global advertisement blocker market.

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Not only are advertisements annoying but also they result into broken links and affect user experience to a large extent. Thus, the demand for ad blockers is increasing from across the globe. On the other hand, advertisement blockers are a threat for online marketing companies since the only source of income for them is through advertising. As such, blocking of advertisement affects the company’s revenue and causes extreme monetary losses.

Global Advertisement (Ad) Blockers Market: Regional Analysis

The global advertisement ad blockers Market is segmented on the basis of geography into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the rest of the world. Of these, while the demand for ad blockers exist from across the globe, it is observed that high number of installations of ad blockers is from users in developed Nations. This is because users in the developing nations are more aware regarding malicious intentions of hackers. Users in developing nations are also installing advertisement blockers for the Richer experience but they’re still exist a lack of knowledge about the availability of advertisement blockers in underdeveloped Nations.

Global Advertisement (Ad) Blockers Market: Companies mentioned

The report profiles key players within the market for the purpose of study. The names of a few are: Eyeo GmbH, Ghostery, Inc., Adguard and uBlock Origin, and Privacy Badger (Developed by Electronic Frontier Foundation). The business and financial overview of these companies are also given. The report also delves into the strategies adopted by key players in order to grow and expand in the competitive environment. The information on strategic alliances, partnerships, collaborations, and mergers and acquisitions is also included.

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