Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Learning Apps


Bored of online class meetings via Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft teams, it is time that you try any one of the other online apps that gives you a head-to-head connection with your subjects and their practical applications with daily life.

Online learning apps facilitate those requirements, and if you score above a certain limit, you can secure a recommendation or score certificate that gives you access to further similar courses.

With the situation we were put into in the year prior, we have developed a learning culture that saves both money and effort that each teacher puts into a subject. 

Online Learning

Learning subjects online has become a trend since the late 1900s, but we follow them only now due to the pandemic. But do you know that most of the models and young actors who are busy with their acting and modelling do most of their school and degree education online? Yes, that is a thing now. Most people don’t ignore their education due to the other things that hinder them from doing so.

Ten Popular Online Learning Platforms:

TED: It is a free learning platform that gives you much diverse content in arts and science. TED is a platform that has dedicated itself to children’s education which is available as an android application that contains free videos and courses.

Duolingo: A language teaching application available to all as a free version. It teaches most of the languages and even dead ones if you’re interested. Duolingo gives you a good start to learn a language and one of the best free educational apps. 

Wikipedia: There were times that Wikipedia was one of the most trusted platforms to learn about any concepts online. It still has a variety of articles from which you can learn a lot, but it is open-source anyone can edit those articles. 

Byju’s: The one learning app that you see everywhere, on TV, YouTube ads, and many more. But is it something? It was created on focusing children from 6th to 12th

Udemy: Unlike Byju’s Udemy doesn’t focus on school children; it focuses on people who are looking for getting trained for online exams that facilitate them to participate in higher studies or related jobs. If you are preparing for exams, give it a try. It also provides a variety of courses.

Lynda: This platform provides many courses based on software and web design and development. But this opens only when you subscribe to the platform, i.e., there is a monthly subscription for the courses provided.

YouTube: No one can ignore that YouTube is the first place where we search for anything we want to do in our life. From workouts to cooking and stitching to singing, we consult a YouTube video. YouTube also provides you with a couple of channels that upload frequent videos related to a particular subject. So, exploring that you can find explanations, you are looking for. But the downside is, you won’t be certified for any of those skills you learn from YouTube.


  • Learning will be more practical with examples and case studies with explanatory videos.
  • Flexible and can do the assignments, class when the situation is comfortable.
  • Better time management than actual or offline classes.
  • Students acquire the skills of self-confidence and improve communication.
  • Unfamiliar students will be familiarized with computers and related devices.
  • Online courses can give them the opportunity of exploring new areas, and they can find their preferred interests among them.
  • Online courses are economic, considering that you are doing a course offered by any University abroad, online course cuts off all the accommodations and related expenses.
  • Ease of taking exams – We cannot deny that we have never taken our study materials once in our hands, on all of our online examinations. At unavoidable extremes, we do some unwanted things that are not possible offline.


Online education packs as many disadvantages as the advantages it has. So, let us see what those are.

  • You require a strong driving force for being able to complete a course online. Lack of motivation will lead to deviation, and the student might quit education.
  • Students that lack basics must go through a separate course to be familiar with the ongoing courses.
  • Most industries don’t take online courses into account during the placement because they know the ways that this certificate might’ve been earned.
  • Quality assurance of online education is not available.
  • You won’t be socializing with your fellow students; this causes loneliness and a considerable change in their attitude.
  • Online communication can be developed, but interpersonal communication skills cannot be developed.


Hope you’ve learned a lot about online learning apps and their pros and cons. Considering all into account, choose your medium of learning wisely and if you are vulnerable to the disadvantages, try avoiding online education.