Now a days ear cuffs are considered as one of the most important part of the modern jewelry. Have you ever though that when did people start wearing it as fashion or when did they were introduced to the people by the jewelers and the goldsmiths.

Its history is very long, it started 1000s of years ago. People were curious to wear something in the ears, so ear cuff was introduced. First the ear cuffs were made of stones etc. Then they made silver ear cuff and gold ear cuff.

It began with the Kafa-Popular among fashionistas and socialites alike, Earrites also emerged on the renowned ears of their most prosperous actresses of the time frame: Marylin Monroe, Lita Baron and Miranda Carmen were photographed wearing Earrites.

Greece – 350 BC

In the greek the Kaffas made of brass were introduced in about 350 BC. Those kaffas were including golden and silver kaffas. The golden kaffas were known as detailed Pegasus kaffa. Silver and gold pendant were also used at that time. Those ornaments were worn at that time as a symbol of wealth. Any one who wore those ornaments were reflecting their wealthy status in the society.

Asia – 1200 AD

The Kaffas were produced using precious stones and metals and were adorned with many pearls and chains which clipped in the ear lobe into the nose or into the hair. Indian Kaffas were worn mainly in weddings and parties and this is seen in the Indian tradition for this day.  In Thailand, Kaffas were seen throughout the 12th century.  This is exemplified in lots of the classic sculptures and paintings of the time frame in Thailand.  Thai Kaffas consisted of much more sharp and detailed winged designs which were bigger in size and largely bird-inspired. Kaffas now are part of this traditional Thai costume.

Europe – 1800AD

From the 18th century Kaffas seemed in Europe. These modernized Kaffas, unlike those in the early time, were more controlled in implementation and apparently wore classic rings.  Jewelers utilized floral decorations and patterns to make feminine Kaffas. These were created with premium metals and adorned with precious stones, mostly diamonds, sapphires and rubies. These updated elaborate and jeweled Kaffas were only affordable to the top course, and worn to exhibit prosperity and social standing as in ancient Greece.

America – 2000AD

From the 20th century, Kaffas were not any longer.  Girls no more lusted over classic elaborate or thick big gold earrings and craved something fresh glamourous and exciting.  It was through the postwar prosperity in America which Earrites were first born.  Marcel Boucher, the French jeweler who immigrated to New York from the early 1920s fulfilled the requirements of the elite women of America by producing the very first Earrite.  The Earrite has been an ear stone or earring that was worn on the ear exactly enjoy a Kaffa but trimmed and pinned into the earlobe. The layouts were rather feminite and fragile and became so well known from the 1950s which Boucher improved his invention and marketed them separately.