A Detailed Guide to Create Inspiring Music Logo


Music is a form of art that has been used for entertainment and many other purposes. No person can describe how music makes them feel. It is a feeling that cannot be described in words.

People have always found music significant in their lives, whether it is for enjoyment, emotional response, or performing. This has made the music industry one of the popular industries in the world. If you look at the latest statistics, you will learn that in 2018, the total revenue of the global music industry was 53.77 billion U.S dollars. By 2024, the figures are expected to rise 65 billion U.S dollars.  The statistics clearly show that those who have just started or planning to start a music business, they have made the right decision.

No matter how old music is, great music keeps trending for years or sometimes even decades. And the same applies to logos.  Just take an example of big brands like Apple, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Nike, etc. All these brands have iconic logos. Although, since the time of inception, these companies have made minor changes in their logo design, when it comes to taking inspiration for designing a logo, most of the companies, no matter what industry they are in, take their example.

Since your company comes under the music industry, you must be wondering why you need a logo. It is the sound that counts, right? Well, we do not deny this truth. But today, the business world is very competitive. No matter which industry you are in, everyday you will get to see or hear the name of new companies. In such a scenario, having a unique and well-designed logo can be advantageous for a company. It can grab the attention of the audience quickly.

When it comes to designing a logo, a lot of people have a misconception that creating a logo is very simple. You just need to put a company name on a blank canvas, fill some colors and you are done! Well, that’s not true! Like any other important task such as naming a business or business promotion, designing a logo requires proper planning too.


Let’s take a look at a detailed guide to create inspiring music logo:

Know your Niche:

Just like businesses need customers, musicians need fans to grow a company. And in both cases, they first need to identify who can be their target audience. While starting a music company, one of the biggest mistakes that musicians do is that they think that they can target everyone. But that’s not true!  Music has various genres, such as classical, rock, pop, country, etc. Not everyone loves all types of music. Therefore, before designing a music logo for your company, do some research, and find your niche.

Research competitors:

The next step in creating an inspiring music logo is to research your competitors and find out how they have designed a logo for their music company. What are the things that can help you in differentiating your brand from theirs? If, for instance, they have created a logo by using ‘&’ symbol, then you may choose to opt for other symbols like music discs. While doing research, learn about the logo history of brands and find out how they have communicated their business values and goals. Being a newbie, you may want to consider all your competitors. But it is advisable to choose the top three or four of them. Otherwise, you will get confused. Researching competitors doesn’t mean that you copy their ideas. Copying may represent your business as a watered-down version of another brand.

Keep it simple:

If you look at the logos of big music brands like Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, BMG Rights Management, etc. there is one common thing that you will find in them, and that is simplicity. It is one of the important logo design rules that most of the brands follow. Being new in the industry, you may want to add all the design elements. But doing this may distract the audience and divert them from the primary objective. So, focus on simplicity and make your music logo memorable.

Choose the right color scheme:

In designing, colors play a significant role. They catch the attention, evoke emotions, and convey the message to the audience. Every color has a different meaning, and each shade brings deviation to a message. For example, the black hue signifies power sophistication, evil, and mystery. On the contrary, white hue denotes calmness, purity, and morality. So choose your color scheme wisely. If you are targeting the global audience, then, while choosing shades, considered cultural contexts too. Colors have different meanings in every culture. For example, in western culture, the blue color represents authority and trust. In Asian and Eastern cultures, it is the color of immortality (India) and associated with men in the USA. In the Middle East, the same hue represents both immortality and spirituality.

Choose the right typography:

Just like colors, typography too plays a major role. It also has a high impact on the emotions and behavior of the audience. According to Matthew Carter, one of the famous graphic designers, “Type is a beautiful group of letters, not a group of beautiful letters.” In fact, other famous graphic designers have also outlined the importance of typography in their unique way. Therefore, before choosing the right font(s), do some research on the latest trends and see how your competitors have implemented those trends in their logo design. Make sure the typography you have selected is readable and web-friendly. Readability plays a significant role, especially when any company opts for creating a Wordmark logotype.

Tip: Avoid using more than two fonts in a design.

  • Make use of negative space:

Negative space, also known as white space, is an empty area between the image and text. Many people think that white space means a left out area (where there is no design). Well, that’s not true! In graphic design, white space can be a texture, color, pattern, or even a background image. It improves text readability and catches the attention of the audience. One of the classic examples of negative space is the FedEx logo design. If you carefully look at their logo, you will find an arrow between the letters ‘E’ and ‘X.’ The arrow denotes speed and accuracy, which is, of course, the USP of the company. Want to create a logo on your own? Use a logo maker tool that lets users create professional and impressive logos within minutes.


So, folks, these are the essential things that you need to take care of while designing a music logo. Follow them and create an outstanding and memorable design, just like your music. Good Luck!