A Comprehensive Guide To Tezbox Or Tezbox Wallet

With modern technology coming up, new and better ways of getting the work done are also developing. One such invention is a cryptocurrency wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet is a digital wallet. It is a medium that uses private or public keys. These keys are used for cryptocurrency transactions. Cryptocurrency transactions help users to have user autonomy, this discretion, elimination of spending on bank fees, easy, accessible, and quick way. Tezbox wallet is also one such example.

What is the Tezbox wallet?

Tezbox wallet is a multi-platform digital vault. It is a wallet created by Tezos Foundation. It is one of the earliest functional wallets of Tezos. Such cryptocurrency wallets enable community exchanges and work in a safe, easy, and secure manner. However, possessing the right knowledge and being informative is very important.

The Tezbox wallet can be used on any of the platforms. Be it a mobile phone or laptop, you can access the wallet from anywhere and anytime. This provides convenience to its users.

Tezbox also has an open server. This means that the entire server is decentralized providing the users with the option to audit the codes. Your private data is not stored on any central server.

Moreover, if you install it and use it, you will see that it is very developer-friendly, easily integrated with DAPP for payments.

Tezbox has also been audited by LeastAuthority. This implies that all the Tezbox private keys are safe and secured.

How to do your Tezbox wallet login?

First of all, you need to know that Tezbox has three kinds of wallet:

  • Online wallet
  • Chrome wallet, and
  • Google play wallet

For Tezbox login on online web wallet visit the site, click on “Create Tezbox”. After that, copy your pneumonic keys which are like private keys, click continue, paste them in the provided bag, and then again click continue. The web will ask you to create a password. Then click on “encrypt the wallet.” And here you have a Tezbox wallet.

For the chrome wallet, click on the chrome wallet option. It is like an extension. Click “add to chrome” and then repeat the same process as you did in the web wallet.

For google play wallet, install the Tezbox web wallet on your mobile phone or computer. You can visit the Google play store and install the web application. The size of the app is around 6MB. The version is 2.0 and was last updated in 2019. The latest version has fixed some storage limit issues, improved gas limits, and correcting some UI and origination issues. Once you install it, you can repeat the process as you did in the two above mentioned versions.

Tezbox is an official wallet. This means that it is considered safe and is relied upon by the community. It has proven its security by going through audits and the prescribed security measures. The entire idea behind developing Tezbox by Tezos Foundation was to promote, provide a decentralized way of working out the exchanges.