7 ways to protect your marriage from infidelity

Protect Marriage

Without a doubt, infidelity is one of the worst things that can happen in a relationship, that’s why tracking apps like the one we can find at https://www.toptrackingapps.com/ are getting popular day by day. It is a way of destroying everything that a couple built together, on a path of commitment and intimacy. Trust collapses, love is shaken and families are often divided – and children bear the brunt of it.


But many people who have been victims of betrayal have not seen the initial symptoms. Apparently, it is as if the case of adultery had dropped out of nowhere, like a bomb, on the couple’s relationship. But if we pay attention to the way we are living our relationship, it is possible to see the direction it is taking and the risk of reaching this tragic episode. Check out 7 ways to protect your marriage from infidelity:

Make choices that prioritize the quality of your relationship

Each spouse must consciously commit to the constant improvement of the relationship. This goes for both moments of crisis, when there is that doubt about the way to go, and for everyday life – under no circumstances, you can simply turn on the autopilot. If from time to time you open space to question your commitment to your spouse, having fun with the alternative hypotheses, at some point you will end up breaking the relationship and destroying the story you have built together.

Keep communication open

Make sure that you communicate openly with your spouse. Your relationship must be an environment in which you both feel respected, welcomed and at ease to express your feelings without hurting each other. Don’t be afraid to open up and talk about your expectations for your life, your future and your relationship – and to spell out what you think is missing from the relationship. In a committed couple, there should be no secrets. Even the smallest of them make it easier for bigger things to hide in the future. Maintaining the habit of hiding things from your partner is a sure destroyer of marriages.

Agree on limits

It is very important to make it clear in a relationship what you consider “cheating”. At what point does a friendship relationship with someone of the other sex become a threat to marriage? What kind of attitudes does your spouse have towards people of the other sex that make you feel uncomfortable? Reflecting on what a marriage means, what friendship means and how to get along with other people and come to terms with each other is a way of ensuring that you are speaking the same language when speaking of infidelity. “

Avoid the temptation

If you are going through a time when you are attracted to someone who is not your spouse, do your best to deal with this by prioritizing your marriage. If you are not obliged to meet that person or talk to them, then cut the contact. If her presence is inevitable, avoid personal conversations, either live or via social media. Do not trust yourself so much, thinking that you will be able to walk the line even if you are alone with that person: if a climate starts to roll, it is very difficult to say enough. At the same time, don’t make that concern for the other person something that occupies your mind all the time – which would be just another way of reinforcing him as an object of desire. On the contrary, invest in your relationship with your spouse, maintaining the quality of your relationship.

Be vulnerable to each other

Opening up without fear to a partner can make us feel exposed and vulnerable, but it is one of the most important ingredients of a relationship based on intimacy and trust. Spouses need to be able to depend on each other and feel that they are needed by each other for the support and welcome they offer. Vulnerability is not a weakness, as is commonly thought, but a strength. This requires being honest with yourself about your own limits and weaknesses – and understanding with the other’s limits and weaknesses, keeping in mind that we always want to be much better than we really are in our most difficult times.

Have quality time with each other

Having quality time with your spouse is imperative and not a luxury. This does not mean spending horrors on a dinner or a trip together, but regularly experiencing moments of just being with each other, having fun together. Focus on what you love about each other, talk a lot, try to start an activity, a hobby or a new course together. Get to know each other again and again – and keep falling in love with each other. It is necessary to prioritize these moments, placing them as commitments on the agenda, without allowing other things to overlap with them.

Chat with trusted friends

If you are prone to infidelity or have had problems with it in the past, invest in conversations with trusted friends. This can be a great way to revive your responsibility, as if you have to “give an account” to that friend about how you are handling it. Here you will not serve people who agree with everything you do and who will become accomplices in a case of infidelity, but true friends who are honest with you and can encourage you to stay true to your commitment.