7 Ways to Discover the Best Deals Online


Ahh, online shopping. The discovery of this incredible form of having the world at your fingertips can be likened to a child entering a candy store for the first time. 

Everything you could possibly need is there for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. “Add to Cart” may become your favorite phrase.

But if you’re not careful, online shopping can become an expensive hobby. Used right, it is a money-saver, letting you search for the best deals and cut expenses (to make up for the must-haves you found that you couldn’t resist). 

As you’re gaining control of your shopaholic tendencies, switch to deal-scouring instead. Now, you get to shop guilt-free, knowing that you’re actually getting the best deals and saving money at the same time!


1. Find Coupons for Everything


Once you learn how to find coupons and promos, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get discounts. Not every company offers them, but if you know where to look, you can bargain shop.

Challenge yourself to only buy things on sale or with a discount. Start by using your web engine and typing in “discount codes for ____.” From there, it’s simple to find legitimate coupon apps. Two of the most popular and easy to use are Coupons.com and RetailMeNot

Don’t hesitate to sign up for an email that promises you a promo code or coupon when you do. You can always unsubscribe after you get the discount!2. Search Out Free Shipping

You’ve heard of Amazon Prime by now, but that is not the only business that offers free shipping. Companies have learned the economic fact that offering this carrot actually boosts sales.

The lure of free shipping often convinces potential buyers to choose one company over another, even if the item’s prices are a little higher.


3. Cut Your Regular Expenses Discover


Unless you know what’s out there, you probably think you’re stuck with the bills you have each month. But if you start looking around, you may be able to cut a lot of unnecessary costs!

Almost every service you have has a competitor somewhere that might be cheaper. Instead of accepting what you’re being billed as what you’re stuck with, look for a better deal!

With a little research, you could save money on expenses like:

  • Your TV service subscription
  • Car insurance policies
  • Health insurance premiums
  • Medications
  • Phone bills

Before you renew your next contract, shop around to see if there is a better deal online. For many of these, you can even comparison shop quotes right next to each other!


4. Use Gift Cards


Gift card purchases have increased exponentially over the past decade. The hectic pace of daily life makes it difficult for people to shop for the perfect present, but giving cash is too impersonal. 

A gift card is a solid compromise between the two, unless you are the lucky recipient of a shopping trip to a restaurant or store you don’t like.

This problem is so widespread that the solution has come in the form of sites like Cardpool and Gift Card Granny

People who are given a gift card they won’t use can sell it for less than it’s worth and get cash. Savvy deal-grabbers who would buy at the retailer can then nab the card a few dollars cheaper and use it for the full amount. 

A $50 gift card might cost you $45, but that’s $5 in your pocket!


5. Get a Better Credit Card


Another awesome money-saving deal could be sitting in your wallet right now. Do you have credit card debt, like tens of millions of other Americans? If so, the way to make more money is waiting for you online.

The first thing to do is to check your credit score. If it’s higher than it was when you took out your credit card or a loan, you could be getting a better interest rate.

Next, pull up your credit card account and get a good look at the interest rate you’re paying. How much of your monthly minimum goes to principal? How much is going towards interest?

If you don’t like those numbers, it may be time to shop around for a credit card that gives you a lower APR.


6. Read the Flyers


Like your local grocery stores, many retailers online have upcoming sales ads. Sign up for their emails and you’ll be able to shop around for your next purchase.

Almost every online business offers holiday discounts, for instance. If you know you’re going to be buying something soon, head over to the main companies you’d shop at. Add your email for notifications, and then watch for your item to go on sale!


7. Add to Cart – But Don’t Buy It


When you’re interested in something but aren’t sure if you really want it right then, add it to your cart anyway. The worst that can happen is that it disappears when you leave the site.

More often, though, retailers have a system set up where you’ll be reminded via email of the items you “forgot.” Leave them there long enough and you could even be rewarded with a discount coupon to entice you to actually buy!

Your procrastination in shopping will be rewarded with a lower price. It’s a win for everyone!


The magic of online shopping can be addicting. But if you combine your two favorite activities of retail therapy and deals and buy smart, this is one addiction that will save you money when you spend!