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Health- the top priority of anyone is often the most neglected issue. And the current pandemic has highlighted this very fact that how we take our health for granted. Even more astonishingly. Men prefer their work over their health and often skip their health checks and thus suffer from serious illnesses. Just like it is never too late for men to take charge of their health, it is equally important that they should do it as it’s good for them to live a healthy life. 

According to the medical health specialist at Uppals Clinic like the women, men should also have regular visits to their doctors so that they opt for healthy eating habits, maintain their physical activity, and even manage their stress. 

So men, no matter if you are young or old if you want to live a healthier life then there is no age limit. Considering how males compromise on their health, here are some of the basic yet important foundations for a healthy life

  • Even if You are Healthy, Have Your Regular Checkup

Men need to keep themselves physically fit for their wellness. This is one of the basic and effective tips as by doing this, not only your body will be in shape but you’ll be active. Men, if they think, are healthy, don’t visit the doctor, however, this shouldn’t be an excuse for skipping your visit to the doctor. You still need to get your Blood pressure, Glucose, and Cholesterol levels checked, even if you are healthy.

  • Consult your Doctor Right Away When Something Feels Off

Various doctors and even andrologists in Islamabad often share their concerns that men normally visit the doctor when the situation is already worse and can be life-threatening. 

Our body is a miracle, as it starts to give signs even way before the disease gets worse. So, if you observe any change in your sleeping pattern, eating pattern, continuous sore throat, changes in your birthmarks and moles, bathroom habits, sexual dysfunction, and sudden weight changes, you need to consult your doctor for this very reason to get yourself checked properly.

  • Get to Know Your  Family Medical History and Share it With Your Doctor

If you have a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, or any other medical complication then you are at a higher risk of suffering from it. So, you need to share this with your doctor so that your doctor will prepare a customized diet. And treatment plan for you so that not only the risk is reduced but the chances of early detection are also increased.

  • Opt for Moderate Exercise

Exercise not only makes you active but, can also boost physical and mental health. Men normally neglect exercise amidst their work which can obesity and in turn increase the risk factor of various diseases. It is recommended that ideally, you should be opting to exercise for at least 30 minutes daily. But, if you have a super hectic routine then 20 minutes is enough. So either you go out for a walk, jogging, or even a brisk for those 20 minutes, it would work fine. You can also hang out with friends and family, as it would lead to many health-related benefits.

  • Quit Smoking

Without a doubt, one of the most consumable narcotics is a cigarette. Which is not only injurious to your own health but to everyone around you. The smoke that smokers exhale while smoking is way more harmful to the people around them. It is harmful to the lungs and heart. As it is one of the leading causes of lung cancer and various cardiovascular diseases.

  • Get Yourself Screened for Cancer

Colon cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer are some of the most common cancers that occur in men so depending upon your lifestyle, habits, and family medical history, your medical healthcare provider might ask for a cancer screening test as early diagnosis saves lives.

  • Take a Break From Monotone Routine

Yet the very important point that men should inculcate in themselves that they should slow down and take a break. By this, I mean that they should do some fun activities, watch TV, play any outdoor activities. Or opt for any leisure activity that makes them happy and relax. Taking a break is essential for the wellness of both mind and body. 


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