7 Myths About Masturbation Demystified

7 Myths About Masturbation Demystified

Masturbation is a consensual sexual activity that has been in existence for two centuries, but people still discuss it behind closed doors! The “hush-hush” attitude that we embrace while speaking of masturbation is the reason behind the myths that people relate to it. People have a plethora of questions regarding the same. Does masturbation cause hair fall? Is it unethical to do it? Does it reduce sex drive? Does it reduce the size of the genitals? And the list goes on. But before we address these myths, people need to know that there is nothing wrong with masturbating, and it does not harm one’s sexual or mental health.

Out of all the queries, most men bother about the myth that associates hair loss with masturbation. “Do we certainly need to choose between protecting our hair and satisfying ourselves?” – most men ask! Some people also question whether or not “the act” causes hair growth on the palms. Yes, there are several questions like this one myth, which sounds baseless, but people believe it. Let us find out more about does masturbation causes hair fall and other myths associated with it.

Masturbation is an act that people perform but shy away from admitting it! (Pixabay)

7 Popular Myths About Masturbation: Learn The Facts

Starting from “does masturbation cause hair fall” to “does it lead to death” the myths make us skeptical! While none of us knows the basis of these prevailing ideologies, it does bring a sense of guilt. So, before demystifying the myths, one should understand that it is neither a crime nor a sin!

#1 Masturbation Causes Hairfall

One of the most commonly asked questions – “Does masturbation cause hair fall?” The intensity of this myth is so impactful that men suffering from baldness start refraining from the act. The reasons include:

  • Masturbation causes loss of protein, eventually leading to hair fall.Well, the volume of protein in ejaculation is almost negligible, and it is incapable of depriving our body of the same.
  • It increases Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and causes hair fall. While DHT is a valid cause of hair fall, it is not related to masturbation. Because the act does not increase testosterone levels in the body and cannot possibly increase DHT levels, it has nothing to do with hair fall.
  • Some people claim that masturbation leads to hormonal imbalance, which hampers the ph level of the skin. This imbalance leads to dandruff, which is a significant cause of hair fall. While the hormonal change logic is correct, limited masturbation does not do any harm.

#2 Masturbation Shrinks The Genitals

If the myth “does masturbation cause hair fall?” was not enough, people also believe that it shrinks the size of the penis. Well, masturbation is nothing but an act of solo sex that is not that powerful to harm the genitals. However, regular, excessive, and aggressive masturbation can swell the penis, called edema. So, one should be gentle and careful with the act.

#3 People Who Masturbate Suffer Mental Health Issues

This myth is contrary to the scientific proof that masturbation releases stress and sexual tension. The only uneasy feeling that people feel from masturbating is “guilt.” This feeling is what makes them believe that it causes mental health issues.

#4 Masturbation Leads To Unwanted Hair Growth

From “does masturbation cause hair fall?” to “does it grow unwanted hair and hairy palms?”, the myths are entirely baseless and contradicting. Masturbation has nothing to do with unwanted hair growth in the pubic region or the hands!

#5 Masturbation Causes Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence

Some people believe that masturbation leads to erectile dysfunction and eventually impotence, given it exhausts the genitals. Well, human genitals do not come with a limited number of orgasms at the time of birth. Also, there is no limitation on the number of sperms a man will produce in his lifetime. Therefore, masturbation cannot use up a man’s sexual desire, orgasms, or seminal fluid. So, this myth is as baseless as “does masturbation cause hair fall?”

 #6 People In A Committed Relationship Do Not Masturbate

The religious connection that most people create between the act and their sanity makes them believe it is wrong to masturbate in a committed relationship. Self-pleasure is neither a crime nor an act of betrayal. Masturbating at least three-four times a week is healthy and normal, as per several scientific reports. And the couple who understand this will not end up believing it is an act of cheating their partner.

#7 Masturbation Leads To Insanity and Blind

Traditionally, people used to believe that the sole purpose of sex was procreation. So, the beliefs that it can make one insane, blind, impotent, and might even lead to death are from that period. There is no logical clarification to any of these claims!


This detailed discussion brings us to the conclusion that masturbation is nothing more than an act of self-satisfaction. The only theory that applies to it is “too much of anything is harmful.” All one has to do is stop believing these ideologies and carry on with their healthy pleasure!