7 Essential Amenities Tenants Look For In A Rental House

Amenities Tenants Look For In A Rental House

As more and more working professionals in the urban areas choose to stay in rented homes (rather than investing in one), homeowners pay attention to the amenities that top the tenants’ list of requirements. Home renters in India today are on the outlook for a holistic and well-rounded living sense, even when they are living in rented luxury.

 Here are seven fundamental & primary amenities that top the list for tenants in India today:

  1. Location and connectivity: A good location that offers excellent connectivity to the workplace and a wide range of civic amenities is all-important to tenants today. With worsening traffic conditions in cities, tenants want to be as close as possible to their place of work, making the everyday commute short and easy. This is essential to help them strike a work-life balance. Proximity to schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping malls, theaters, etc., is also high on the list.
  2. Safety and security: Whether tenants choose to live by themselves or with their family, the rental home’s safety and security are given prime importance. Gated entrances, CCTV surveillance, secure doors and windows within the house, and a well-lit neighborhood with a low crime rate, are some of the essentials.

3. Peaceful neighbourhood: Urban living today is becoming increasingly synonymous with chaos, commotion, and noise. So, tenants want the area to be relatively quiet when looking for the right home, free from traffic and construction noises. A scenic or pleasant view is a bonus.

  1. Fitness and lifestyle amenities: Mindful living is the new buzzword for a healthy lifestyle today, and more and more people are jumping onto the fitness bandwagon. Hence, tenants are very particular that the living complex offers a wide range of fitness and lifestyle amenities.

5. Uninterrupted power and water supply: The rental apartment must have constant electricity and water supply. Urban areas today are affected by the shortage of energy and water, which is why tenants are particular that the home should have a power backup and water supply facility. Don’t forget to check out MultiLivingrating and review the accommodation to ensure what things are like.

6. Parking facilities: Many tenants lookout for a proper parking facility in the residential complex. Finding a new car parking spot every day is becoming increasingly difficult; a covered parking area with a designated car slot is an essential amenity for tenants today. The next most suitable option that residents are willing to work with is a place parking amenity.

7. Appliances, fittings, and fixtures: As more and more tenants today are professionals-on-the-move searching for better career opportunities, renters do not want to invest in a long list of household items, such as large appliances and furniture. This is the reason why tenants prefer to move into a furnished home that has been installed with a fridge, washing machine, Air Conditioners, as well as with fittings and fixtures of reasonable quality. Homeowners also benefit from renting out provided homes, as tenants are willing to pay marginally more expensive rent for these conveniences.

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