6 Things to Remember Before Buying an Apartment

Nowadays, people are shifting from one place to other for professional purposes sometimes. People move due to their job and also for business, so you face the situation where you need shelter. For that, you have two options either you go for a rented apartment, or you purchase it. When you decide to buy an apartment, it is the most crucial decision because It requires investment.  For investment, you require savings, and sometimes you choose an option of a loan. So all these formalities are required when you make a final decision of purchasing a condominium.

If you are tired of paying rent every month, you should go for a safer option which buying a condominium. I can suggest a site and a real estate company to search for an apartment to buy in Singapore. Park nova Singapore is known for its luxurious condominium, located in a highly convenient Singapore area and formerly known by the name park house. Here are some points to remember before buying flats:

  • Price of property-

The first step is to know how much you can invest in a property you will buy; after that, research must do. Find properties that are in your budget, make a list of them.  Consequently, make a list of comparisons between your selected properties. You can contact the broker for purchase in the desired amount.

  • Flat’s carpet area-

The carpet area is the built-up area, which includes a balcony, space, elevator space, shafts, the thickness of walls and verandahs, etc. Park nova Singapore offers a highly exclusive and beautiful carpet area.

  • Land record-

Land is an essential factor when it comes to buying an apartment. You must check out the land records, topography, and soil on which the apartment is built.

  • Legal check of property-

It is essential to check the legality of land, including that land should be authorized legally on the place it is built. Go for checking out NOCs and approvals from area development authorities, water and electricity supply, sewage board, and municipal corporation. It is mandatory to notice. Otherwise, it will get you into trouble later. Park nova Singapore offers every detail about land and makes buyers clear about the legality of the property.

  • Apartment possession-

Apartment possession refers to the transfer of ownership from the owner to the buyer. Possession certificates ensure the holding right of one owner to another successfully. Sometimes there is a delay in doing such possession work. So get an estimated time of getting things done. Moreover, do not forget to get the legal paper and certificate that proves your right on the property.

  • Location of flat-

Location is the area your new property is located. You should check out the area before purchase. Physical infrastructure, the convenience of transport, and necessities should be considered while purchasing an apartment or a flat. The area should be clean and peaceful. Park nova Singapore is located in a peaceful place where you will feel nature and cleanliness and a pollution-free environment and surroundings.