3D Printed Battery Market Provides Comprehensive Understanding Of 2022-2031

3D Printed Battery: Introduction
  • 3D printed battery is manufactured by using metallic printed structures.
  • 3D printing can provide a beneficial platform to create low cost 3D components for an extensive range of applications
  • 3D printed batteries possess various beneficial characteristics. For instance, they enable the fabrication of desired complex architecture. They also offer precisely controlled shape and thickness of electrodes. Furthermore, they enable printing of solid state electrolytes with high structure stability.
  • Lithium Titanate (LTO) and Lithium Iron Phosphate (LPF) are the commonly used anode and cathode materials in 3D printed batteries. They provide minimal volumetric expansion, high rate capability, and high stability and security.

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3D Printed Battery Market to Grow in Wearables and Health Care Sectors
  • Wearable technology is a major growth area for the 3D printed battery market, as conventional batteries do not meet requirements such as flexibility, reliability, thinness, and light weight
  • 3D printed batteries possess high energy density for small volume and long working hours. Therefore, they are widely used in most of wearable devices where flexibility and thinness are required.

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Key Players Operating in the Global 3D Printed Battery Market
  • Enicon Energy and Infrastructure Co.
  • Neware Technology Limited
  • Stratasys India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Conmatix Engineering Solutions GmbH
  • KeraCel
  • American Elements Corporation
3D Printed Battery Market: Research Scope

3D Printed Battery Market, by Architectural Process

  • Graphene-based PLA Filaments
  • Graphene-based Li-ion Anodes
  • Solid-state Graphene Super capacitors
  • Platinum-based Electrodes
North America to Lead the Global 3D Printed Battery Market
  • Growth of the electronics industry in North America is boosting the demand for 3D printed batteries in the region
  • The Harvard University and the University of Illinois have successfully used the 3D printing technology to print lithium-ion micro batteries, which are almost the size of grain of sand
  • Increase in usage of 3D printed batteries in electric cars is estimated to boost the market  in North America
  • The manufacturers of consumer electronics in the Asia Pacific region are innovating their product designs, which requires thin power sources for compatibility with their product’s flexible design. For such purposes 3D printed batteries are preferred for miniaturization of electronic devices

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