3 Steps to Build a Sustainable Business Travel Programme

Building a sustainable business travel programme is an important element in any forward thinking corporate travel management plan. There are various elements to consider if you wish to keep ahead of the game, making your business an environmentally conscious organisation who is steps ahead of the rest.  Follow these 3 steps and you will be able to build an exceptional, sustainable business travel programme that exceeds expectations.

Step 1: Consider the route

Direct flights are the way forward in terms of sustainability. As they are shorter, fewer resources are ultimately used. This is due to fewer take-offs and landings, meaning less fuel is used and less CO2 is emitted into the environment. As well as being an environmentally sustainable option, it will also cause less traveller fatigue, meaning that increased sustainability in terms of team efficiency will be established

Although it is not possible to travel directly on every trip, it is definitely worth finding out what destinations will allow direct flights. You can also often find corporate deals, on direct flights, especially if your organisation partners with any airlines. Help the environment, improve employee wellbeing, and help your business thrive.

Step 2: Consider Location

When you or your employees arrive at the business location, it is worth considering what form of travel to take from the airport, to the hotel, to the business meeting, conference or event. Public transport is the most sustainable form of transport available for business travel. This can include taking the bus, using the train on a direct route, or, if your employees are travelling to the same location, sharing a car or taxi. It is also worth assessing whether there are walking routes available at the location. Always do your research prior to arrival and you will be able to assess the most sustainable means of transport. If you are able to incorporate sustainable travel when you arrive at location, this will do wonders for the outlook of your business. Furthermore, the more environmentally friendly options when it comes to transport are often the cheapest. This will allow you to save more, while doing your bit to help the planet.

Step 3: Provide an Incentive

Your employees may not be accustomed to the change of lifestyle when you are implementing a sustainable travel plan. However, to ensure they remain on your side, providing an incentive is a great way to do this. By cooperatively working towards a common goal, you can strengthen programme performance, engage your workforce, and help the environment, all in one. Incentives can range from team days out, business lunches, early finishes, and many more.

If you incorporate elements of these 3 steps into your sustainable business travel plan, you will find that your company begins to adopt a brand new way of operating. Not only that, from an outsiders perspective, a company operating in an ethical way is an appealing trait. Align your values with a forward thinking approach, and watch your business thrive beyond your expectations.