Before moving on to the topic, we should talk about what is a JadeScape? Yep, a JadeScape is a condo but it provides some special features like swimming pools, playgrounds, garden, gym, etc. It gives an amazing view to residents to enjoy. It is like a digital house for residents to live there because it has even digital features which we will talk about in the following paras. So let’s move on to our main question why should we buy a Jadescape; yeah here it is our answer: because it has such many facilities that a flat/apartment or condo does not have. Here are some facilities and features-

  1. Peaceful place and nature:

If you are a hard-worker person then you need a peaceful environment to get back. So when you come back to your residence, obviously you need a peaceful place to take a rest. This feature is there in a JadeScape rather than a city’s flat because we know it has a garden, swimming pool, and playground. You can go to the swimming pool and garden to enjoy and take a rest. Either you live single or with family, you will have a beautiful place. To live healthily you have a chance of the gym also you may go there.

  1. Digital residence :

Why did we call it a digital residence? It is because it gives all information about JadeScape at a mobile app to its residents, like is their residence opened or closed, repairing things, new orders, etc. You can even control your JadeScape with your mobile app and book facilities. After all in the future if you will have any issue with the residence or any person then you can contact the management of JadeScape directly with the help of that mobile app. I think you have all in one deal.

  1. Great location :

Now come to the main point. Let me tell you that a person with all facilities never looks back, he/she will always go ahead. As a JadeScape fills our requirements of all facilities and a great location, you should go for it, because you will have such a place from where you can go to market, city, pools, academics, playground within few minutes. A traffic jam is always a problem so you can choose a location according to you but it should clear that where you live will affect

your lifestyle.


These are just a few basic facilities and features there can be many more according to your requirement of family and budget. In addition to basic facilities, a JadeScape condo is set up with an elevator, washrooms, lounges, family pavilion, sunrise lawn, sunrise pavilion, grand plaza, courtyard, theatre, aqua gym, etc.

All people love to live here because of JadeScape condo’s environment. If you are one of them who are going to or want to buy a JadeScape condo believe me it will be a great investment in your life. Before you leave I want to tell you that when you buy a condo you must read all the terms and conditions of the company to know more about a Jadescape condo.