A few years ago it was unthinkable that an app reached 5,000 million downloads on Google Play. In 2019, we already have ten. Just this month the last one has entered. Let’s see what are the 10 free apps that have exceeded 5,000 million downloads on Android.

The list has been compiled by Digital Information World, and it is interesting because it contains some very relevant data, which allows us to understand a little better the evolution of Android apps.

No one should be surprised that 9 of the 10 most downloaded apps on Google Play are from Google. After all, most of them are installed by default on almost all Android phones, and they are also free and quality services. The only intrusive app on this list co-opted by Google is the social network Facebook:

As we can see, the first free app that reached 5,000 million downloads on Google Play was the Google Play app itself (logically), in November 2017. Without it, you cannot download the rest. The last one to access this exclusive club has been Google Drive, which has done it this month, in December 2019.


It is striking that 8 of the 10 apps have entered the list in 2019, indicating that they have all followed a very similar download evolution. It is understandable with Google services, which as we said come by default installed on Android phones. But Facebook does not, and yet it has also reached the magic figure on similar dates. Specifically, in October 2019.

Other relevant apps that have exceeded 5,000 million downloads on Android are YouTube