Why Does Your Home Need Crawlspace Moisture Barrier?

Crawlspace Moisture Barrier

A moisture-free crawlspace helps you avoid a host of problems that can arise if the environment beneath your house is damp and humid. You might have noticed water stains on your walls, bad smells, and termite attacks and even mold growth in rooms with a dampened crawlspace.

This problem occurs when there i’t enough distance between the earth surrounding the foundation and the floors of your home. With crawlspace moisture barrier in Charlotte, NC, problems in this area can be solved.

Here are the reasons why your home needs a crawlspace moisture barrier:


Moisture Barrier Saves Money

One of the main reasons homeowners have installed a crawlspace moisture barrier in Charlotte, NC is to avoid costly water damage and repairs in the future. If you’ve ever leaked into your home, you know how expensive it can be!

Waterlogged floors, wet insulation, and ruined wallboard all cost money. They’re not something you want to deal with after finding out that humidity in your crawlspace has seeped into your house. Crawlspace moisture barriers will help prevent this issue from occurring by keeping out dampness and humidity.

Prevents Mold Growth & Smells

If moisture is allowed to build up beneath your crawlspace, mold spores are likely to take root. This leads to the growth of black, green, and pinkish mold that can be tough to get rid of once taken hold in your home. Removing it means parting with potentially hundreds or thousands of dollars. Another costly repair could have been stopped by installing a crawlspace moisture barrier in Charlotte, NC.

Keeps Out Outside Air


Once this air gets into the crawlspace area, it picks up some of the humidity that exists there and then transports it back through those cracks and into your home. This won’t happen if you have a barrier between the crawlspace air and home atmosphere.

A moisture barrier stops humidity from building up in a crawlspace. It keeps air outside where it belongs, rather than letting it seep through tiny cracks and gaps in the brickwork and foundation walls.

Prevents Termite Infestation


You may not know this, but termites are attracted to damp wood because they need access to water to survive. This means that if your crawlspace ever becomes moist enough for these pests, you’ve got a serious problem on your hands!

Termites are destructive eaters that will end up causing damage to any wood around them—be it beams or joists or even the foundation of your home itself. Using a crawlspace moisture barrier in Charlotte, NC helps you avoid termite infestation by keeping wood dry and termites out.

Slab Foundation Protection

Concrete slabs can deteriorate when they contact moisture, leading to cracks that quickly turn into bigger issues over time. If your concrete slab foundation has no barrier between it and its surrounding, the chances are high that humidity will seep in and cause problems for your slab. Take steps to prevent this from happening by using a barrier!

Peace of Mind

What if I told you that installing one simple product can help solve all of these problems? By using crawlspace moisture barriers, homeowners get peace of mind knowing their homes are protected from humidity and moisture. So whether your crawlspace features dirt floors or concrete, the barrier will make sure dampness stays where it’s should—and that’s outside!