Wireless Communications/Technologies in Healthcare Market : Key Players, Size, Trends, Opportunities and growth Analysis

The market intelligence study titled “Wireless Communications/Technologies in Healthcare Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2015 – 2024” delves into the prospect of growth of the world market for Wireless Communications/Technologies in Healthcare Market. It also assesses the sequential growth of the said market over the timeframe of forecast that extends from the year 2017 to the year 2025. The said market research study also comprises various non-pervasive and pervasive inclinations and they have also been included in the said report. A detailed snapshot of the said market with the analysis of Porter’s five forces has been provided in a bid to present a concise and clear landscape of the market vendors to the readers. The market intelligence study also points at mergers, important conglomerates, numerous research and development activities, acquisitions, and corroborations. The companies that have been profiled in the study come with thorough examination based on their market shares, prime products, and marketing strategies.

Technology has played a crucial role in the transformation of the healthcare segment all over the world. During the last decade, progress in the segments of information technology and electronics have taken place at a very fast pace thereby resulting in emergence of innovative wireless devices and its supporting technologies. Such changes have led to easy communication even at the farthest of places. The impact of wireless technology on the modern society has been profound with the healthcare sector to draw tremendous benefit from the adoption of wireless communications / technologies. Mobile and Internet are the two most influential developments that have generated major impact on the industry of healthcare through wireless communications/technologies.

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Wireless Communications/Technologies in Healthcare Market: Trends and Opportunities

The transformation of the healthcare industry from the traditional paper-record keeping method to electronic or e-records has bolstered the demand for wireless communications / technologies in the segment for healthcare sector. In addition to that, the high cost that is being incurred for the purpose of installing wired gadgets in the hospitals has resulted in the increasing adoption of wireless technologies in this segment. Information about the patient is often remains scattered in many different locations and often becomes unavailable when needed for any purpose. Wireless technologies that are integrated properly into the practice and hospital systems can streamline and organize the clinician’s or the physician’s work. It can further provide treatment plans that are based on latest evidence to the patients.

Wireless Communications/Technologies in Healthcare Market: Geography

Taking geographical segmentations into consideration, the world market for wireless communications/technologies for healthcare applications can be categorized into the four major geographies of Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World. The said market for wireless technologies in healthcare applications for the regions of Europe and North America is large owing to the well developed healthcare system and infrastructure. However, the region of Asia Pacific is foreseen to experience highest rate of growth rate over the timeframe of forecast from the year 2014 to 2024 due to large base of potential customers in developing countries like India and China. The expanding base of geriatric population in Japan has also resulted in the augmented adoption of products and services that are based on the technology of wireless communication

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Wireless Communications/Technologies in Healthcare Market: Company Profiling

Prominent names like Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Philips Healthcare, IBM Corp., Alcatel-Lucent Sa, Qualcomm, Inc., Apple, Inc., Verizon Communications, Inc., Motorola Solutions, Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company, Vocera Communications, Inc., Intel Corp., Siemens Healthcare, Cisco Systems, Inc., Mckesson Corp., and Cerner Corp. adorn the international market for for wireless communications / technologies in healthcare.

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