10 Compelling Reasons why you need a Crypto Marketing Company


Have you ever asked yourself why crypto marketing has become central in the blockchain ecosystem? Lately, the popularity of blockchain has gone up, and many projects are introduced to the platform each passing day. With multiple projects in the market, your project might miss garner investors’ attention, especially if you lack a crypto marketing strategy. Your project can only stand out from the rest if you use compelling promotion tactics. And this is why you require a professional crypto marketing company like tokenminds.co to help you. Here we dive deep into the main reasons you need a crypto advertising agency.

What is crypto marketing?


Understanding the idea of crypto marketing is essential as it can enable you to appreciate the centrality of crypto marketing services. In summary, crypto marketing are tactics that a project uses to create awareness, generation of demand, and retention of clients. Marketing your blockchain solution can happen for a prolonged period.

Crypto marketing is a daunting task that requires much time and dedication. It requires a committed team of professionals who understand the market well and use the right crypto marketing plan.

Now that you’ve got an answer to ‘what is crypto marketing,’ it’s time to focus on why you require a crypto marketing agency.

Why you need an advertising agency

If you lack time or crypto marketing knowledge, hiring crypto advertising services from an experienced company is advisable. Here are the key reasons you require a crypto advertising agency:

1. Creation of a result-focused social media strategy


These days, there are many social media platforms. However, a few ones can help popularize your project. Crypto PR agencies know the suitable media to use when advertising your offerings. A crypto promotion agency has a team that understands the right way of conducting social media marketing. Such a team can help your project garner the necessary attention through focused promotion strategies. Below are some social media platforms that a crypto advertising agency utilizes:

  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • Telegram
  • Steemit
  • Discord
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Quora

2. A cryptocurrency PR Agencies understand the regulations of various platforms


The rules of cryptocurrency and the internet keep changing often. Thus, conducting a legally safe campaign requires the advertising firms to understand these rules. Because crypto pr agencies keep studying these regulations, they know how to navigate the legal hurdles and place your ad right in front of the right audience.

3. Stiff competition in the industry

Blockchain has become popular, and the number of projects in the industry is at an all-time high. This implies that only projects that invest in crypto marketing services will achieve their objectives. A crypto marketing company can conduct your campaign in an organized manner. Such a company will measure your promotion objectives to determine whether the promotions are attaining the key milestones.

4. A crypto promotion agency uplifts your PR

Your project’s public relation is crucial for people to see your brand as authentic. While you aim to do things the right way all the time, occasional missteps are unavoidable. When such blunders occur, it’s important to strategize on how to overcome them. And that’s why cryptocurrency PR agencies are essential.

5. In the long run, choosing a marketing company is more cost-effective than an in-house team

Instead of employing a costly in-house promotion team to run your campaigns, your crypto marketing plan should outsource the role to professionals in the area. The cryptocurrency pr agencies can handle multiple aspects of the campaign, such as social media advertising and content marketing.

6. Professional engagement of your community

Blockchain projects are highly dependent on the goodwill of a community. Once you create such a community, there is a need to engage it to generate hype around your project. A professional crypto marketing firm can help you manage your community.

7. Crypto marketing is unique compared to traditional marketing


Crypto promotion differs from conventional marketing in various aspects, including:

  • Language and technology: promoting blockchain projects requires a marketer who understands the technology and the sophisticated language used.
  • Community approach: The technology is open-sourced, community-based, and overseen by a community.
  • Low adoption: Cryptocurrency is a relatively new technology whose adoption level is in the infancy stage.

These inherent unique qualities of blockchain require a marketing agency that understands the intricacies and uses creative promotion tactics to deliver desirable outcomes. Some aspects of

traditional marketing, like empathy, the creation of an ideal persona, and the buyer journey, can be used in crypto marketing. However, how the elements mentioned above are used in crypto promotion is different.

So, to achieve your marketing goals, you must hire a company that understands the crypto market well and uses various tactics to promote your offerings.

8. Developing a crypto marketing strategy


New projects keep coming to the crypto market each passing day. To catch the attention of your target audience, you must approach the market with a plan.

A crypto promotion plan comprises various elements and media that can be used to spread the word around. Without such a strategy, your crypto project will remain stagnant. A crypto marketing firm understands articulating a promotion plan that suits your project’s objectives and budget. A professional blockchain marketing company offers packaged solutions to meet the needs of various clients.

The marketing strategy may feature various elements, such as influencer marketing, community building, community management, PR, press releases, etc.

9. Consultancy services

A crypto marketing agency can offer various consultancy services to help you understand the best way of approaching the market. The company can help you know the best technique for improving brand visibility and articulating a strategy. Such a company can assist you in studying your rivals and the best way of winning the competition.

10. Performance evaluation

A crypto marketing company has tools that can evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns. The insights help the company understand the aspects to improve and those to give much attention to.



Hiring a crypto marketing company can help you showcase your project to the right audiences. Here, we’ve delved into the perks you’ll enjoy from hiring crypto marketing services from a professional team.