Where to find inspiration to choose the new job of your dreams?

First of all, I would like to dwell on the topic so beloved by the critics of the United States – “lack of spirituality in society, lack of culture, low level of education.” Let’s dispense with slogans, and information biasedly pulled out of the media, and turn to everyday reality. As for education, I have already written, I will only add that here where I live in one of the Ivy League universities (the top five in the US), the State University of New York, and a couple of dozen other higher educational institutions that produce excellent specialists. Students from all over the world study and are honored.

So I personally do not observe any “horror-horror” with education. Most of those with whom I come across on the streets, likely do not have higher education. But they have enough culture not to cough right and left, not to push and not be rude to each other, do not pass by indifferently if something happens. If you do not go into theology, psychologists define a spiritual person as a developed personality guided by the highest human values and have a high culture of feelings, thoughts, and actions.

My mother-in-law, who lives alone, fell ill and each of the neighbors offered their help. Who brought her newspapers (there are mailboxes along the road here), who took out the trash, went for groceries, cleaned the house paths, and mowed the lawn. Almost everyone I meet is engaged in some kind of volunteering (doing something for free for the general good). We owe a lot of the good things I enjoy here to the volunteers.

So, the case is only to find a job, which will be self-motivating, creative, which let share your potential people and have some money for it.  

Where to find the job of your dreams?

There are many professions related to ML technology, IT, and robotics that are in high demand now. These areas have one thing in common – this is the future. For these occupations, the principal thing is not only a salary but also interesting researches, constant creativity, and magic. So let’s inspect these professions.

  1. AI Ethicist 

An AI Ethicist is a person who conducts ethical audits and offers a comprehensive strategy to improve the non-technical aspects of AI. Their goal is to eliminate the reputational, financial, and legal risks that AI adoption can pose to an organization. They also make sure that companies are held accountable for their intelligent software. 

  1. Conversation Designer. 

The Conversation Designer is the one who designs the user interface of the virtual assistant. This person is an effective UX / UI copywriter and communications specialist because he/she has to translate the brand’s business requirements into dialogue. 
For more information about top ML jobs, check this post. I got some interesting facts there.

Industries that require ML / AI specialists 

Today, machine learning is used in almost every industry. However, there are some industries where more machine learning jobs are published than others: 

  • Transportation. Self-driving cars, ranging from drones to fully autonomous vehicles, rely heavily on machine learning. Gartner expects autonomous vehicles to be around us everywhere by 2025 and perform transportation operations more accurately and efficiently than humans. 
  • Healthcare. In diagnostics, machine learning systems can process massive amounts of data and uncover patterns that would otherwise be missed. 
  • Finance. ML enables banks to improve the security of their operations. When things go wrong, artificial intelligence systems can detect anomalies in real-time and alert personnel to potentially fraudulent transactions. 
  • Manufacturing. In factories, AI machines help automate quality control, packaging, and other processes, allowing employees to do more meaningful work. 
  • Marketing. Targeted marketing campaigns that are more tailored to the needs of a specific customer have been reported to be much more effective in a variety of areas. 

How much does a machine learning professional earn? 

According to Indeed.com, the salary for machine learning specialists varies according to their geographic location, job title, and years of experience. However, the average ML specialist in the US makes about $ 150.00 per year. Leading companies such as eBay, Wish, Twitter, and Airbnb are willing to pay their developers between $ 200,000 and $ 335,000 a year. 

At the time of writing, San Francisco was the highest-paid US city ( an average of $ 199,465 per year), Cupertino ($ 190,731), Austin ($ 171,757), and New York ($ 167,449). 

Not be afraid of learning. The chief thing in life is to find something that will bring satisfaction to yourself, I think these areas will bring not only highs but also money to those people who will choose to study for these occupations.