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What do you need to know in 2020 to be a good web developer?




What do you need to know in 2020 to be a good web developer? 1

Web development covers multiple disciplines, but the main distinction we can make is what divides it between Front-End and Back-End.

Quickly we can define the “front” as everything that runs in the browser, while the “back” is what works on the server.

The front, in turn, could be divided between Web / UI / UX designers, who are primarily responsible for the design and behavior of user interfaces, and Web developers whose job is basically to provide interactivity to the interface and make communications with servers.

The latter, which seems very simple, is becoming increasingly complicated because current Web applications have long since behaved like any other traditional desktop or mobile application: with their immediacy and capabilities. Therefore, currently being a Front-End Web developer means mastering a lot of concepts, APIs, libraries and tools.

Next, I will comment on what I think are the technologies, languages, and tools that you must master if you want to be a good professional Front-End Web developer. In these times, it has not been enough for years to know HTML and CSS.

Fundamental and indispensable subjects

The first thing you should learn is HTML and CSS.

HTML is a markup language (that is, no “real” programming at the moment) that deals exclusively with the contents of Web pages and applications, as well as its distribution. Although many people believe otherwise, HTML does not determine at all what the user interface (or web page) we are going to look like. That is what CSS handles through its selectors and properties. This clear separation between content/distribution and appearance is a winning team as it allows us to manage them separately and, to some extent, be independent.

The problem with HTML and CSS is that, although the basics are very simple to learn, they have some complex concepts (and especially many details) that many developers overlook. And that is when problems and interfaces come that you are not able to master. Besides, some techniques can be complex as Responsive Web Design or the layout with Flexbox and Grid, the latest technologies incorporated into browsers for this purpose.

Of course, knowing some CSS framework like (and above all) Bootstrap is almost inescapable, because you’re going to end up using it for sure.

Although you are not going to be a Web designer (and almost no Web programmer is: we are fatal the aesthetic part) it is essential to master HTML and CSS. Without excuses. Even if you are a back-end developer: you will have to deal with them in many cases anyway.

The other indispensable among the core subjects are, of course, the JavaScript programming language ( not to be confused with Java! ). I have already counted the 5 main reasons why every programmer should learn JavaScript, but if you are a Web programmer then it is indispensable. JavaScript is what will allow you to provide applications with “intelligence” and create from the simple validation of a form to a real-time communications system over the Internet. It is that powerful. Today it is even compiled so it has nothing to quickly envy most of the languages, and you can use it everywhere (yes, also on the server).

Again, JavaScript is a tool of deceptive simplicity: the basics are learned right away, but it has a multitude of important details and concepts that, if you do not study clearly, will be stoned with which you will always stumble along the way. So, learning it by ear is a bad idea.

Finally, the fourth leg of this chair on which we will rely is the famous jQuery library, used by more than 70% of the world’s websites. This below is no more JavaScript, but this “library” isolates us from many of the difficulties of using the “bareback” language to do certain things in the user interface. Instead of constantly reinventing the wheel and sticking with the small differences between browsers, we use jQuery and we are happier and more productive.

A fifth fundamental issue is that we must thoroughly master the tools for the developer of the main browsers, fundamentally those of Google Chrome and those of Mozilla Firefox. They are essential to be able to debug our code, optimize the interface, measure performance … They are complex tools if you want to deepen them, and master them is something very important.

Summary of “indispensable”

  1. HTML
  2. CSS, RWD, Flexbox, Grid
  3. JavaScript
  4. jQuery
  5. Browser Developer Tools

Matters more than recommended

Ok, with the above we have covered the minimum. With this, it was almost enough until not many years ago and in reality, we will be able to tackle work on small projects and for many SMEs. But if we want to be good professionals in the sector, we cannot stay there. Today does not arrive.

JavaScript has its “big brother” in ECMAScript, which is what the standard that regulates its capabilities is called. Actually what most people call “JavaScript” is what is formally called ECMAScript 5. But a new version of this language is released every year since 2015, so in reality, at the time of writing this, We are going for version 10 of ECMAScript. The browsers implement everything very fast so today it is necessary to be up to date as well.

Along with HTML5, many very powerful APIs were launched in browsers, which increasingly narrowed the gap between native applications and Web applications. Thanks to the HTML5 APIs you can do almost everything: manage files, work offline, send notifications, make real-time communications, do low-level graphics processing to manipulate images and video, position users, create animations and transitions of states, create expensive tasks in the background … The possibilities are enormous and it is convenient to know them and master many of them.

Another important issue today is to know well some of the most relevant JavaScript frameworks, namely: Angular, Vue.js or React. The last one, maintained by Facebook, is the most limited because it deals only with the user interface, but it is still widely used. Angular, from Google, is surely the most demanding in companies because it leaves you with few decisions to make in terms of architecture and allows you to create quality applications being consistent throughout the entire team of programmers. Vue.js is growing unstoppably and developers love it. At least one of them is recommended to learn it.

Finally, in this section, there are many specialized tools that we should also know. The complexity of the current developments in Front-End makes it necessary to manage dependencies and automate tasks, for which we must use some tools. The indispensable ones are:

  • Visual Studio Code: the editor that is slowly becoming almost “the” editor. What virtually everyone uses to write code quickly and efficiently.
  • Git: for source code control. Current development is not conceived without this.
  • npm / yarn: for dependency management and task automation.
  • Webpack: to manage and use dependencies (otherwise), automate certain tasks (otherwise too), and to be able to create optimized applications.

Summary of recommended

  1. ECMAScript
  2. HTML5 APIs
  3. A framework: Angular, Vue.js and/or React
  4. Fundamental Tools: VS Code, Git, npm / yarn and Webpack

For note

If we also want to excel and be a professional that attracts attention, there are many things we can learn to achieve it. Below I list, without going into much detail, those that I think maybe of most interest:

  1. TypeScript: is a language above JavaScript that allows you to develop faster and with fewer errors. Increasingly popular and adopted by companies.
  2. PWAs: to create mobile web applications that behave as if they were native. The future trend in this area.
  3. Accessibility: for people with disabilities. It is something that should be done in all projects, but it is mandatory in all those that have to do with the administration, for example.
  4. GraphQL: a new standard for APIs that allows greater flexibility from the client side when it comes to obtaining data, without having to use several REST services for the same.
  5. Algorithms and data structures: not to reinvent the wheel at every step and better understand the frameworks.
  6. Functional programming: JavaScript is a multiparadigm language. One of them is the functional paradigm that is increasingly used. Learning it with language is always an advantage.
  7. Jekyll and static site generators: the most current trend in website creation.

In summary

At present, the knowledge necessary to devote to Web development is more demanding than it used to be a few years ago, and let’s not say a decade ago. The minimums are higher, the technologies more complicated and there are more “moving parts” to which you should be aware. In return, what we have are better professionals, more prepared and with more quality in employment. It requires more time and more study, but nothing that a person with desire and vocation cannot learn in a few months of well-focused study.

The technologies and tools that I mention are those that I consider you should know at least, is a highly recommended way and if you want to stand out. As you can see, beyond the fashion framework or the last “bright thing” that everyone goes after, the most important thing is to master the fundamentals well, going beyond learning “recipes.” If you master that, the changes, the news, and the fashions will not affect you, because you will always be able to catch up on them when you need them.

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10 Catchy Trade Show Ideas to Rake in New Clients




10 Catchy Trade Show Ideas to Rake in New Clients

Trade shows can be hit or miss events. Most people believe that only well-established or flashy companies can rake in a considerable audience in a trade show but that is only half of the truth. In reality, you can make the exhibition a huge success for you if you are smart about the display of your booth and how you run it.

And remember that reeling in new clients is not the only reason to attend a trade show. You will learn to build communication with other companies, getting to know how other brands built themselves up, and how to come up with innovative ideas.

Get the Word out as Soon as Possible

Do not wait for visitors and potential clients to discover you at the trade show. It is best if you get the word out that you are going to be setting up a booth at such and such event on this date. Try to make use of social media marketing as well so that the message reaches as many people as possible.

Try to make the message as innovative and catchy as possible so that people immediately recognize you when they see you at the exhibition. Many people who are actually interested in what you are offering will actually look out for you instead of waiting to run into you.

Talk About your Products

While at the exhibit, make sure you talk about your product as much as you can. If anyone visits your booth or shows some interest in it, make sure someone from your team discusses your product with them. Even if they are not interested in buying, they might spread the word for people who are.

Impart a cozy atmosphere

Make sure your booth is cozy and welcoming instead of too loud and overwhelming. While you should make sure that your booth is noticeable, it should not confuse or irritate people who might want to visit because of an obnoxious design.

Make it so that the booth is welcoming. Greet the visitors, discuss the product with them, give them options on how to avail your services or anything of the sort. If possible, set up a couple of chairs or couches so that the visitors who are really interested can sit and have a chat with the representatives there.

Communicate with the Visitors

No matter how self-explanatory you believe your display is, keep in mind that anyone who visits your booth will need an in-depth discussion to figure out what you are trying to sell to them and how you are different from your competition.

So talk to the visitors. Sit down with them and answer their queries. Also, talk about why they should choose you. Your communication skills might be the selling point for many potential clients!

Create an Interactive Environment

Have touch displays, lots of monitors, games, and other kinds of interactive sessions help people understand your services even better. People selling skincare products keep microscopes to show skin ailments to people, companies selling energy drinks can host a concentrating game session, etc. Point is, there is a lot you can do with the space you have.

Host a Panel Discussion

Panel discussions are crucial for people to understand your product. You can host a Facebook event page to get the word out for the panel discussion. You can also create a stir about the discussion at the event itself so that interested people can come and take a look. Discussions and talks are some of the main reasons why people attend tradeshows, to begin with, so it is best that you take advantage of that statistic.

Hold a Guest Appearance

It is imperative that your guest be someone who can endorse your product or services from experience. While celebrities and other famous people are great for reeling in a crowd, you can almost be sure that not many of these people will be serious clients.

Make sure you talk about your guest appearances in your social media posts before the event so that people who are really interested will show up as well. Make the guest not only endorse the product but also discuss it with the visitors.

Hire a Design Company

A trade show design company, though a teensy bit pricey, will make your life easier when it comes to the booth design. They definitely have a lot of experience in attracting people to the booths they designed so it is best that you let them do their jobs as pros.

This way, you can ask for a sustainable design that you can use over a long time period, and you focus on other things like dealing with customers and marketing, all the while not compromising on the overall productivity of the event itself.


People love free items. Many people will take free items that they don’t even have a use even if they are free. So use that mentality to your advantage and host a giveaway at the end of the day. People will come to your booth to enter the giveaway and take a good look at whatever you are offering.

Just make sure the giveaway items are known by the people and they are actually items that will excite a wide audience.

Alternatively, you can also give nice goodie bags to all the people entering your booth with less valuable items. People will literally go for anything that is free.

Small and Catchy Design

Large booths are intimidating. People mostly look towards large booths if they are of well-established brand names. Otherwise, they believe they will come out confused and with minimal knowledge of the product.

So while your design must be outstanding, the booth must not be giant either. People who did not initially know about your services can also look around as they are passing by and maybe find something they want on the way. Also, the people who knew you were coming to the event will be pleased by your modest setup.

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worldwide moisture analyzer marketplace studies file forecast until 2024





worldwide moisture analyzer marketplace studies file forecast until 2024 2

worldwide moisture analyzer for plastic resins studies record, with the aid of type (desktop, hand held, inline), technique (karl fischer titration, microwave, near-infrared, radio frequency), software (plastic and polymer, structures, agriculture, others) – international forecast until 2024

Marketplace Analysis

Marketplace analysis commonly, a moisture analyzer is both a portable or constant moisture meter for measuring moisture content in step with a universally common moisture measurement method. a general moisture analyzer balance makes use of warmth from a halogen lamp or halogen mild bulb to dry a fabric pattern. the distinction among the weights earlier than and after the drying method offers the measurement of the moisture content. distinct strategies for moisture analysis are relevant for use in plastics & polymer, creation, agriculture, meals and beverage, fabrics and textiles and pharmaceuticals industries.

In January 2019, Ametek Instituted The Amevision

In january 2019, ametek instituted the amevision communique and show gadget below its 3050 moisture analyzer series. to begin with intended for wdg-v analyzers, the amevision device offers actual-time moisture measurements and mission records even as additionally identifying a variety of baby maintenance and troubleshooting statistics. in february 2018, a&d co. ltd unveiled the apollo collection gx-a/gf-a fashions of multifunctional balances. the product line functions smart terrific hybrid (shs) generation, which presents impact shock resistance, electronically controlled load and waft price demonstration.

Marketplace Segmentation The Global

Moisture analyzer marketplace has been segmented and split up by software, type and through approach. by way of kind it’s miles in addition divided into computer, treated, and inline. by way of software it is given by means of plastics and polymer, construction, agriculture, food and beverage, fabric and textiles, prescription drugs and others. by means of approach it’s far given onto karl fischer titration, loss-on-dying, capacitance, microwave, close to-infrared, radio frequency and others. the location of north the usa is probably to take the lead of the moisture analyzer marketplace for the duration of the research period, followed by using europe and asia-pacific. the important thing factors riding the finishing touch of moisture analyzers include enlargement of meals & liquids enterprise and growing want for these home equipment from the oil & gas commercial enterprise.

Moreover, the developing attractiveness computerization in commercial practices is estimated to pressure market progress. though, concerns about the consistency and imprecision of moisture analyzers are components which are projected to abate the improvement of the moisture analyzer market at some point of the evaluation period. inside the month of march 2019, shimadzu business enterprise displayed the moc63u unibloc moisture analyzer at the jaima expo. this moisture analyzer is equipped with a strong halogen electric heater and supplies a fast and precise measurement. the operational temperature may be switched from 50c to 2 hundredc. it offers a ramification of measurement paperwork and a indispensable usb port for records administration. for the studies, for that reason the global moisture analyzer marketplace, with the aid of kind has been segmented into computer, hand-held, and inline.

Marketplace Percentage

The laptop segment settled for the predominant marketplace percentage within the moisture analyzer marketplace. the hand held zone changed into the second-biggest marketplace in 2018, even though, the inline section is projected to record the most cagr during the said forecast duration. also, in the month april 2018, thermo fisher medical inc.unveiled thermo clinical sola iq, a digital sulfur analyzer that provides actual-time records evaluation for the oil & gas industry. the products is intended to beautify the develop and offer higher and easy connectivity as related to conventional analyzers.

Regional Analysis

Regional analysis geographically the global moisture analyzer market is split in regions like north & south the united states, europe, asia-pacific, center east and africa and relaxation of the world. the progress price may be identified by the quick enlargement of scientific and chemical companies generating a larger venture for moisture analyzers. furthermore, ever-growing economic improvement to fulfill the necessity of top notch construction services is some other element liable for the development of the market in the kingdom. the area of asia-pacific is possibly to be the fastest-growing market from 2018 to 2024, while europe is projected to be at the second one spot in terms of marketplace share all through the assessment length. the area of north the usa is projected to spearhead the moisture analyzers market during this studies period, supported by means of europe.

North america is the best u . s . a . in terms of marketplace percentage in the moisture analyzer marketplace. this location has been similarly grouped into the us, canada, and mexico. the usa controls the moisture analyzer market, for that reason observed through canada and mexico. innovations inside the production system and development of the meals & beverage commercial enterprise within the area are a number of the reasons answerable for the growth of the moisture analyzer market. furthermore, the existence of manufacturing behemoths which include, standard electric, mettler toledo, and thermo fisher clinical inc. is one of the main motives for the development of the marketplace on this region.

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What are the best shoes for hallux rigidus





What are the best shoes for hallux rigidus 3

The hallux rigidus keeps on torturing many people in the developed world. It is about a muscle-skeletal abnormality that makes the junction in the toe finger so rigid that the movement is close to becoming impossible.

Many people are having this situation by birth. However, most of them are acquiring it as a side effect of the type of shoes that they choose to wear.

If you combine this situation with the prolonged hours at work and the lack of exercise you will see why this situation aggravates the movement disorders of such people.

How can shoes improve the situation?

People suffering from this hallux RIGIDUS situation keep on needing the best shoes they can buy. They need shoes that are close to sneakers and have extra cushioning to support the sensitive parts of the feet.

The heel and foot curve areas need to be cushioned to absorb all the pressures that come from the ground. Not to mention, that special care needs to be served for the toe fingers. It is the area that supports the weight of people when they move around.

Specialized shoes are having a greater toe finger area alongside with more cushioning between them. Keeping your toe fingers in great shape keeps on being the best strategy to deal with any mobility issue.

Additionally, shoes that address people with hallux rigidus are always more stiff on top where the foot arch area resides. This area has lots of nerve endings that need not be stimulated if you want to cope up with pain that happens when you walk or run.

Using the right kind of shoes you can stay reassured that you will eventually regain your previous mobility. Not to mention, that there is no need for shoelaces and other bending mechanisms since the right shoes are always easy to put on and off.

What is the kind of shoes that is adequate for hallux rigidus?

Lately, we have seen many shoe brands presenting new models for people that suffer from this severe condition. The most famous shoes for the occasion tend to be the sneakers that are having higher tops. 

However, we have seen rocker shoes and loafers to be good for the same reason. It all depends on the special material that these shoes are made of. Leather, as well as synthetic leather, keep on being the best materials to create the covering of these shoes.

The outsole needs to be solid and durable to external conditions. People with constant outdoor work need to have the best outsoles that can offer them anti-skid protection at the same time. Most of the right shoes are having extra lugs on their outsoles to ensure that the friction to the ground keeps on being to the maximum level.

The right shoes can improve your overall condition

It is not only the mobility limitation that hallux rigidus can cause you. The mental problems that are coming as a consequence of the mobility ones can be dealt with the right shoes.

Don’t forget that the right shoes for the situation can be also worn when you are going out with your friends and colleagues. The right shoes may also have a separate place where orthotics can be applied and help you when you are in pain.

Never in the past did you have so many options to treat a situation that causes severe pain and may limit your ability to execute your daily chores. People from all around the world are thrilled to have the best shoes they can get for this situation.

Many colors and shapes are now available for them and they can look at their friends in their eyes as equals. You don’t need to carry two separate pairs of shoes when you want to go out. The best hallux rigidus shoes will provide a big room in the toe box for feel enough comfortable for everyday use.

Make sure that you are investing time and money in finding the right shoes for your case. Not all people are the same and you need to customize the shoes to the fullest extent. Finally, there are solutions for everyone.

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