Hong Kong may be a small island, but the place is famous in terms of business. With its highly educated and skilled workforce, Hong Kong has the human resources and skills to support start-up ventures and large ventures alike. Additionally, it has superior shipping, transportation, and infrastructure systems. Truly, Hong Kong offers many opportunities for companies to flourish.


As such, more and more entrepreneurs are venturing into Hong Kong to start and run a successful business. Are you one of the many who are taking advantage of the benefits in Hong Kong? If so, then maybe you are looking for business ideas to capitalize on. Here are the top trending businesses in Hong Kong today.

Healthcare Products

With how the world is turning out today, more and more people are looking to strengthen their health. And if you’ve been to any parts of Hong Kong, specifically in Sheung Shui, you probably noticed the number of pharmacies in the area. Additionally, people from mainland China purchase their daily healthcare products in Hong Kong. As health is always in demand, running a business selling healthcare products in Hong Kong is feasible.

Security Services

As Hong Kong has limitations in terms of land space, most people live in apartment flats. These apartments usually provide 24-hour security to ensure the safety of their residents and properties. However, Hong Kong has a rising issue of their security personnel growing to retirement, yet fewer people are willing to join the industry. 

This issue is a viable business opportunity. You can tap into this problem and build a security services company. There are different ways you can turn this problem into a venture. One, you can start a security company that hires the talents, and provide security details to apartments and other establishments. Moreover, you can tap into virtual security, developing or retailing security alarm systems, glass break detectors, smoke detectors, and other security gadgets. 

Eco-friendly Products

There is a growing trend for eco-friendly products this decade. And with Hong Kong people gaining more awareness of environmental protection, selling eco-friendly products is sure to make big profits. For example, you can retail recycled handle toothbrushes, LED bulbs, eco-flow showerheads, compostable cutlery, reusable shopping bags, or clothes made from recycled fabric. Moreover, with Hong Kong’s technology and leading infrastructure, you can sell these products online to be shipped to your customers.

Delivery Services

Running a delivery services company is one of the easiest and best ways to earn a profit in Hong Kong. While the industry is very competitive, it will be a very profitable venture if it can provide innovative and unique services to the market. It is crucial to provide quality service to secure your customer’s trust and gain a commendable reputation.

Business Consultation

Providing business consultation services is an all-time in-demand business. As more businesses are venturing into the Hong Kong market, more companies will need business consultation services. As such, being a thriving place for business, venturing into providing business consultation services is very feasible in Hong Kong.


Further, anyone can already access these services online. If you are one who is well-versed in this area, then you can offer your services online. By starting an online platform for your business consultancy services, you are gaining better access to your customers through online channels. 

Invest in the Industries of Hong Kong

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