Robotic Refuelling System Market Sales Revenue, Grow Pricing and Industry Growth Analysis

NASA has played an integral role in facilitating key space missions. The authority has spearheaded the development of niche technologies that have helped astronauts and space researchers. The need for establishing a strong base for conceptualizing and executing space missions is largely met by NASA’s initiatives and operations. The development of robotic refuelling missions is also a feat accredited to the organisation. This mission is aimed at helping in the repair and refuelling of spacecrafts and equipment. It is expected that the global robotic refuelling system market would tend toward affluence in the years to follow.

The use of robotic refuelling spans into key industries such as automobiles and aerospace. Refuelling and repair of heavy-duty vehicles in extreme weather conditions is an important application of these systems. Furthermore, the ease, efficiency, and environmental sustainability of deploying RFSs has also aided market growth. Growth of the transport and logistics industry necessitates advancements in the domain of quick repair and refuelling of vehicles. This factor could lead manufacturers of robotic refuelling technologies to circumvent their operations to an innovative pathway.

A report by Transparency Market Research (TMR) on the global robotic refuelling system market is an explanatory account of the forces that have driven demand. The global robotic refuelling system market is segmented on the basis of the following parameters:  fuel, payload-carrying capacity, vertical, and geography. Based on vertical, the use of robotic refuelling technologies in the aerospace sector has gained heat.

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Global Robotic Refuelling System Market: Notable Developments

With advancements in automotive and aerospace sectors, the robotic refuelling system market has encapsulated several key developments.

  • Shaw Development LLC has developed robotic refuelling systems for repairing and fuelling heavy-duty vehicles in disruptive weathers. The company focused on developing a system that is theft-proof and environmental-friendly. Furthermore, the system comprises of inbuilt architecture that can analyse the health of hardware and firmware of vehicles. The global robotic refuelling system market is gradually turning into a haven of lucrative opportunities through such developments.
  • RobotWorx developed an automated refuelling system for mining trucks. The system is meant to increase the flexibility of on-the-job trucks, while keeping the cost dynamics and safety measures intact. RobotWorx has, therefore, emerged as a facilitator of innovation in the global robotic refuelling system market.

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Some other vendors in the global robotic refuelling system market are:

  • Aerobotix
  • Airbus S.A.S
  • The Boeing Company
  • ABB Group

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