Portable Flaring Systems Market Upcoming Trends and Challenges that will Influence Market Growth

  • Flare is a burning device to burn unwanted, associated, or excess liquids and gases released during unplanned or normal over pressuring operation in various industrial processes, which include extraction of oil & gas, petrochemical operation, and chemical operation plants, landfills, refineries, and coal industry.
  • A portable flaring system, also known as mobile flaring system, is a temporary flare equipment that is used to burn off unwanted waste gases that can be easily transported from site to site in different industries such as petrochemical, oil and gas and chemical.
  • Moreover, the portable flaring system is used to stabilize the flame during flare piping. Portable flare systems are employed for maintenance, inspection, and repair of the tank or vessels in oil gas refineries.

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Rising demand for portable flaring systems in oil & gas industry

  • With the rising production of oil and gas where smokeless flaring can be achieved without the use of additional mediums, such as air streams and auxiliary gas, is expected to boost the portable flaring system market during the forecast period.
  • Moreover, portable flaring systems are used to provide smokeless performance of both low pressure and high pressure gas streams in the oil & gas industry. This, in turn, is expected to drive the portable flaring systems market in the near future.
  • Furthermore, increasingly stringent regulations enacted by international, national, and regional environmental bodies, in order to reduce emissions of harmful volatile organic compound (VOCs) and other pollutants from the production and extraction of oil & gas, are expected to propel the demand for portable flaring systems in the near future.

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portable flaring systems market

Global Portable Flaring Systems Market – Competition Landscape

The global portable flaring systems market is highly concentrated with top manufacturers accounting for approximately 40% to 50% share of the market. A few of the key players operating in the global portable flaring systems market are:

  • Honeywell International Inc.
  • Siemens AG
  • ABB
  • FLIR Systems
  • Alberta Flares
  • Callidus Technologies L.L.C.
  • Expro Group
  • Hero Flare
  • John Zink Hamworthy
  • MRW Technologies, Inc.
  • Gulf Coast Environmental Systems (GCES)
  • Airoil Flaregas Pvt. Ltd
  • NAO, Inc.

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