Pet Dietary Supplement Market 2022 Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, and Forecast

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a boom in the consumption of dietary supplements. Similar case is being attributed to pets where the pet dietary supplement market leaped to significant levels in 2020 from 2019. However, the consumption of unregulated products is not advisable during the coronavirus outbreak, owing to restricted movement of veterinarians and disruption in medical supplies.

Pet owners are paying close attention to the health and wellness of their pets during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Pandemic-fueled concerns about pet immunity are translating into revenue opportunities for manufacturers in the pet dietary supplement market. As such, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has reflected a small number of pets contracting coronavirus from people, but are less likely to spread it to humans.

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Bladder Stone Development, Mineralization of Soft Tissues Hinder Calcium Supplement Sales

Calcium supplements are very effective in pets when used appropriately to treat low blood calcium and satisfy the daily dietary intake requirements of dogs. However, potential side effects of calcium supplements involve constipation. Hence, companies in the pet dietary supplement market are creating awareness about prevention for high calcium doses, which may lead to bladder stone development, bone development abnormalities, and mineralization of soft tissues.

Pet owners are seen scrutinizing pet products more closely. Manufacturers in the pet dietary supplement market are gaining awareness that consumers are judging products on the basis of nutritional content, functional benefits, and even packaging.

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Clean Label, Functional Ingredients Improve Joint Health of Pets

Companies in the pet dietary supplement market are focusing on solving issues of pet allergy by acquiring proficiency in the use of clean label and functional ingredients. Curcumin is being used to enhance joint health in pets. This is evident, since consumers are on the lookout for supplements that reduce inflammation activity in joints. Thus, manufacturers in the pet dietary supplement market are boosting their output capacities in products meant for cats, as they are the ones that are most prone to joint pain.

Turmeric and curcumin products are growing popular among large animals such as horses who are also prone to joint pain. High propensity of joint injuries and joint issues in horses require large doses of supplements.

Professional Animal Industry Creates Demand for Specialty Product Formulations

Stakeholders in the pet dietary supplement market are unlocking growth opportunities in the professional animal industry. Competitive animals such as racehorses and search & rescue dogs require special nutrition. Hence, manufacturers are increasing their R&D efforts to tailor specialty formulations for the professional animal industry.

The high supplementation diet is being preferred for animals in the professional animal industry. Such diets are associated with high values of erythrocytes and hemoglobin in dogs as compared to those receiving low supplementation diet. Companies in the pet dietary supplement market are increasing the production capacities to offer high supplementation diet to pets, which holds promising potentials to boost in energy production of professional animals. Protein-based fortification and supplementation are effective ways to meet dietary needs of professional animals.

Exponential Growth in Online Sales Creates Revenue Opportunities for Manufacturers

eCommerce is creating value grab opportunities for companies in the pet dietary supplement market, since pet owners are seeking human-quality ingredients online. Pet owners are treating pet food and supplements, as the first line of defense against ailments. Manufacturers in the pet dietary supplement market are increasing their focus in functional ingredients in products that demonstrate prevention, maintenance, and treatment of specific pet health issues.

Companies in the pet dietary supplement market are witnessing an explosion in online sales through websites such as Amazon and pet-specific shopping sites. Pet owners are using the Internet to become more informed about pet care. Manufacturers are gaining a strong research base in latest ingredients that have the potential to meet pet’s changing health and wellness needs.

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