Pest Control Services Market is likely to witness considerable growth by 2030,

The pest control services market is set to record impressive growth over the 2022 – 2030 forecast period. Factors such as advent of new technologies, and higher focus on consumer engagement is fueling the pest control services market. Akin to other consumer goods and services market, pest control service providers have adopted a consumer-centric approach. Focus on improving precision and effectiveness of services, which includes scheduling appointment to design a more pertinent service, customization of service using modern technologies is expanding the horizon of pest control services market.

Meanwhile, in terms of product innovation, bio-based pest control products are gaining steam in the pest control services market. Shifting focus from chemical-based products to align with environment conservation goals to create new growth models in the pest control services market.

The report on the pest control services market provides valuable insights on demand drivers, growth indices, and regional outlook of the said market over the 2022- 2030 forecast period.

Pest Control Services Market: Competitive Landscape

The pest control services market is fragmented with presence of a large number of players, and is intensely competitive. Large players vie to integrate novel technologies to render effective products and services. Such advancements are aimed to serve the high demand for pest control services in commercial zones and large corporations that need to maintain clean environments.

Some prominent companies operating in the pest control services market are Terminix, Flynn Pest Control, Orkin Pest Control, Rentokill, Pest USA, Call A Pro Pest Control, Local Pest Control Pro, Green Pest Solutions, Massey Services Inc., Southern Pest Control, Bulwark Exterminating, Primax Pest Control Services, Great Lakes Pest Control, ABC Home & Commercial Services, Gecko Pest Control, Hpests, Ehrlich Pest Control, Accurate Pest Control, Crystal Pest Control LLC, Green Earth Pest Control, BHB Pest Elimination, City Skyline Pest Control, Organic Pest Control NYC, AKA Pest Control, City Express Exterminating, and Essential Pest Control.

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Pest Control Services Market: Key Trends

Initiatives for restoration of old buildings, both commercial and residential in several parts of the world is fueling the pest control services market. Pests often account for significant problems during restoration of old buildings. Pests mostly breed in corners, crevices of walls of buildings that do not have light. Dark, damp places under wash basins, shower drains are other places in old buildings where pests breed. High real estate value of old buildings in prime localities has led to monumental initiatives of restoration and refurbishment of these buildings. This calls for vast growth opportunities for pest control services market.

Besides this, use of novel technologies is expanding scope of growth of pest control services market. An increasing number of pest control services are now using route optimization software. Using the software, pest control service providers can optimize time available to line up more clients for service and increase their revenue.

For example, PestPac RouteOp designed by WorkWave LLC with a sophisticated routing technology offers greater visibility and control over how professionals manage their day. Another software – PestPac Visual Route Manager helps managers to map one time or recurring orders and re-route multiple projects for planning and territory management.

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Pest Control Services Market: Regional Outlook

North America holds dominance in the pest control services market. Easy availability of pest control and extermination services and high awareness regarding health implications of pests are key factors behind growth of pest control services market in the region. Also, health and sanitation department mandates routine pest control of commercial and residential buildings to maintain safe, clean environments.

The pest control services market is witnessing huge opportunities in Asia Pacific over the past decade. Rising economic prosperity and increasing awareness about pest control to maintain clean, safe indoor environments is fuelling the pest control services market in the region.

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