Passenger Service System (PSS) Market: Presents An Overall Analysis ,Trends And Forecast 2024-2030

Companies Expand Customer Portfolio to Keep Economies Running amid Coronavirus

Relaxations in travel bans and reopening of various businesses in 2021 are creating incremental opportunities for companies in the passenger service system market. During the first quarter of 2020, airlines were seen gravitating toward PSS to manage their inventory and ancillary services. For instance, the Amadeus Passenger Service System was contracted and implemented by Mauritania Airlines and JSX Airlines, respectively, to manage loyalty services and revenue accounting.

Companies in the passenger service system market continue to expand their portfolio of customers to keep economies running. They are entering into multi-year agreements to establish stable revenue streams. Cloud-based solutions are being used to effectively manage event bookings and operations.

passenger service system market segmentation

Bot Protection Mechanisms in Software Prevent Automated Attacks in Reservation Systems

The passenger service system market is projected to advance at a robust CAGR of ~12% during the forecast period. However, these systems are subject to data security concerns of passengers. Since several million travelers post pictures of their boarding passes and barcodes under hashtags such as boarding pass on social media, malicious hackers may potentially take advantage of the technological vulnerabilities of reservation systems. Hence, software developers are integrating bot protection mechanisms to limit the amount of requests that can be submitted during a certain period of time.

Companies in the passenger service system market are adopting bot protection mechanisms in software to prevent automated attacks in reservation systems.

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Strategic Collaborations Enable Innovations in Powerful Cloud-based Software Solutions

The passenger service system market is estimated to reach the revenue mark of US$ 20 Bn by the end of 2030. This is evident since companies are setting their collaboration wheels in motion to innovate in cloud-based software solutions. For instance, Flightdocs has announced to join forces with the ATP family to deliver power cloud-based software solutions that enable aircraft maintenance, troubleshooting, and inventory management.

Software developers in the passenger service system market are increasing efforts to incorporate a library of technical publications and regulatory content in cloud-based solutions. Safe and reliable operation of aircraft has become a need of the hour in today’s unprecedented times. User-friendly maintenance tracking and inventory management software are being preferred by users.

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