New Zealand Rental Car Holiday Starting Points

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A New Zealand rental car holiday is an easy and comfortable way to see some of the most stunning country in the world. The geography constantly changes as you move through it, ranging from high snow-peaked alps to lush rainforests. With a rental car you can start from any of the main centers, and many of the smaller ones as well. From there you can plan a trip that takes you through your favourite scenery, and depending on your needs you can choose a vehicle that suits you exactly.

Auckland Rental Car Holiday

As New Zealand’s biggest city, Auckland has an international airport that will be the starting point for many foreign visitors. There is a New Zealand Rent A Car depot right next to the airport, or you can take a bus into the city and explore the sights and sounds for a few days, then pick up a rental vehicle from there. A great trip from Auckland is to head north up through the Coromandel and onwards to Kaitaia. The weather here is balmy all year round and the surfing, swimming and sightseeing are unparalleled. Or you can head down south through the main plateau.

Wellington Rental Car Holiday

For those starting out from the capital, there are many holiday options. Head up north towards the Hawke’s Bay wine regions and stop at the Art Deco town of Napier for a surreal cultural experience. Or you can head south and jump across Cook Straight on the ferry, which you can do with your rental car in tow. After arriving in Picton you can peruse the top of the South Island, full of sunny weather, golden beaches and artistic flourishes.

Christchurch Rental Car Holiday

Though a little shaken, Christchurch is still a great place to begin your tour of New Zealand. Canterbury is a region of rolling plains and small, characterful towns. It’s also home to a world-famous wine region, so you can enjoy a glass and a meal as you pass through. From Canterbury it’s an easy trip over to the West Coast, or you can head down south along the rugged coastline to see amazing wildlife and wild scenery.

Wherever you plan to start your adventure, a New Zealand rental car holiday is an excellent way to see the country. Comfortable, convenient and fuel-efficient, a rental vehicle gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace and fully appreciate your surroundings.

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