Legume-Based Snacks Market- Leading Players With Detailed Analysis of Industry Structure

Legume-Based Snacks Market: Introduction

Legumes are widely used as one of the inexpensive and sustainable alternatives of meat and are also considered as the second most significant food source after cereals across the globe. The snacks are not only limited to youth or children, and snacking among meals has also become a key trend in daily life. The legume-based snacks are free-from cholesterol, and also has less fat due to which it is gaining more and more consumer traction across the globe.

Additionally, legume-based snacks no longer shape the single segment of buyers, but instead, having several consumer demands and are also being consumed by all age groups. The key manufacturers of branded snacks are also facing towards the penetration in the rural and semi-urban market that is being dominated by conventional/homemade snacks. Legumes are an enriched source of proteins along with essential amino acids, dietary fibre, and complex carbohydrates and also supports digestive health and reduces the risks of CVDs (cardiovascular diseases). Due to the health-beneficial properties of legumes, costumers are shifting towards legume-based snacks.

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The Changing Dietary Patterns Propelling the Growth of Legume-based Snacks Market

The rising consciousness regarding health because of the sedentary life along with the growing incidence of various diseases across the world has resulted in the increasing demand for healthy snacks including legume-based snacks. Moreover, the increasing expenditure on food as well as urbanization has given rise to changing dietary patterns, primarily in the snacks industry. This is driving the demand for legume-based snacks and convenience food products.

Legume-based products are the best substitute for industrial snacks for consumers, not only for the vegetarians and vegans and but also for the kids and aged-population as well. In addition to this, the rising demand for Ready-to-Eat (RTE) products is one of the major driving factors for the legume-based snacks. Apart from that, the consumers are also favoring clean labelled snacks, including legume-based snacks category, owing to health benefits coupled with the legume-based snacks. Due to these factors, the market for legume-based snacks is anticipated to grow in the forecast years.

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Legume-based Snacks: Key Players

Some of the leading players of global legume-based snacks market include The Good Bean, The Hershey Company, Frito-Lay’s (PepsiCo), Nestlé S.A., Calbee, Inc., The Kellogg Company, Vegan Rob’s, Wai Lana, Amplify Snack Brands, Inc., W. KÜNDIG & CIE AG, and Beanitos among others.

Legume-based Snacks: Opportunities

The global manufacturers of legume-based snacks are focusing on the introduction of various healthy and innovative snacking options because of the rising attractiveness towards eye-catching products label including non-GMO, lectin-free, organic to attract the larger consumer base. This is estimated to surge in the current and future opportunities for the key manufacturers of legume-based snacks.

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Hence, the legume-based snacks market is perceiving a high growth prospect and various new manufacturers are thrusting into the market while the global players are working on the establishment of their business footprint to generate more revenue. Apart from that, the global legume-based manufacturers are also acquiring or allying with small regional players to increase their regional presence.