Learn to relieve muscle and joint pain with essential oils

Exercising, doing household chores, or doing some physical activity can cause muscle or joint pain. In general, we mothers are the ones who suffer most from these pains more frequently. Being in full activity all day makes joint and muscle pain noticeable. In my case the area with the most pain is the area of the back and feet, sometimes the pain is very strong, so I decided to look for some type of home remedy to avoid suffering it and I found some tips that have helped me today.

To shorten the pain and heal muscle pain, nothing better than a massage or a bath with essential oils. This technique is within alternative therapies or also known as aromatherapy, this ancient practice consists of the use of essential oils since many of them have healing properties, many of them can be used to counteract flu symptoms, coughs and allergies and others to reduce or relieve the muscle pain naturally and effectively. So pay attention and learn to ease muscle and joint pain.

There are several essential oils with interesting properties to relieve muscle pain. Specifically, to help relax the muscles of the upper back and calm cervical pain you can use the following.

Eucalyptus essential oils

This oil is very useful especially due to the combination of analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, effectively killing pain. Eucalyptus essential oil for muscle aches helps to relax tight muscles and relieve pain, reduces sensitivity and pain, facilitating relief.

Palo Santo essential oil

Palo Santo essential oil should be used by people suffering from muscle aches and pains, high levels of stress, depression, anxiety, cough, colds, respiratory infections, sleep disorders, arthritis, chronic diseases, nervous disorders and conditions of the foot. This essential oil has not only antioxidants but also anti-inflammatory compounds that can reduce tissue inflammation and tackle a number of common ailments, ranging from joint disorders and muscle aches to headaches and gastrointestinal issues.

Lavender essential oils

Lavender essential oil is sweet and refreshing and soft, it is ideal to relax our muscles that are sore. The lavender essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is very popular for being a great pain reliever, antidepressant, and antispasmodic. Without a doubt, this oil will help us counteract muscle pain.

Chamomile essential oils

This oil has many of the properties to relieve lavender muscle pain. It is an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antispasmodic. These properties help against fatigue and inflammation in the joints, it is ideal to use with our children.

How to apply essential oils to relieve muscle pain


When it comes to massages, you must apply 33% pure essential oils, apply the essential oil directly to the skin, and begin to massage the area with pain in a circular way. Once the massage is finished, you can bandage or cover the area with a tissue. red in color, to aid circulation and decrease inflammation. If you do not have essential oil 33% pure and you have 100% pure essential oil, you can also use it, just keep in mind that they must have been diluted with a carrier oil before applying. There are many types of carrier oils to dilute essential oils before applying it to the skin, such as olive, jojoba, hazelnut, grape, etc … They are all excellent options to use together with essential oil. Once diluted, it is massaged deeply into problem areas for as long as necessary.

Bath – Shower

A warm bath with essential oil smells is a safe way to relieve muscle pain and joint pain, as well as swelling and inflammation. Foam baths saturated with lavender, chamomile, palo santo or eucalyptus are the most effective way since the combination of hot water and the aromas of essential oils offer twice the healing power.

You can relieve muscle aches by taking a bubble bath and shower gels with essential extracts. If you find it difficult to get this type of instrument to make aromatic baths, you can buy natural soaps made from essential oil. I recommend using Palo Santo soap as it has anti-inflammatory properties, it also moisturizes and protects your skin against blemishes and acne.


Aroma diffusers help purify our environment, if you use the correct essential oils, its pleasant aroma can immediately relax your body. With the diffusers, the therapeutic steam of the essential oils is obtained to be able to relax and forget about the body aches I use the essential oils of palo santo or lavender.

Essential oil candles

It is an effective way to use them and know all the benefits of aromatherapy. This practice allows the aroma of essential oils to invade the body and obtain the healing essences of them without applying them directly to the skin. It is usually a good idea to keep the room ventilated to ensure that the scent can circulate and not overwhelm anyone.