Is it safe to buy Gold coins FIFA?


In FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), you need coins to do just about anything. EA offers plenty of opportunities to earn FIFA coins in-game. Gamers need to get the advantage of every single chance to maximize their making and the best players of the mode. To strengthen their team, buy best players, and to purchase various other items, sometimes it gets necessary to purchase these coins from third-party websites.

Is this allowed to buy FIFA virtual currency from a third party seller?

According to EA Sports, you can earn coins after participating in online challenges and championships, daily tasks, and selling your team players. These all are the legal and approved ways by EA to earn FIFA 20 coins. EA’s rigid stance over buying and selling of FIFA 20 coins is still continued. You may face the situation of losing all your achievements and earn coins with a temporary or permanent banned on your FIFA account.

How to buy Gold coins FIFA 20?

It is not always necessary to buy coins, but you can earn these with skillful play also. If you are not interested in buying FIFA coins, in unlocking FIFA 20 megabucks, you have to face Squad Building Challenges and use the Transfer market cleverly. Few of the fast coins boosting collection methods are:

  • Make use of the EAS FC Catalog.
  • Squad Battles and Division Rivals
  • Use of Bronze Pack Method
  • Profit from Marquee Matchups
  • Market Trends Capitalization
  • Daily and weekly objectives completion

Of course, it is not possible to invest this much time and effort for everyone to get FIFA 20 coins as per guided by EA. In addition to it, these earned coins are not enough to buy top-class players like Messi, Ronaldo, and Xavi. To have one of these players in your team need a substantial investment of millions of FIFA coins that are nearly impossible to earn by completing various in-game challenges and Transfer Market.


Is it safe to buy FIFA 20 coins?

There is no chance of buying FIFA 20 coins from a third-party source without having a risk of being banned. But many of the trusted sites are selling these coins at affordable prices with a 99% guarantee of no banning risk. In buying FIFA 20 coins, the key option is a reliable webshop. A platform that not only transfers coins safely to your account but keeps your personal data secure from hacking and theft.

These online sites use some adequately secure, most used, and easy methods that are:

  • Mule Account Method:

This method is rarely used nowadays, but it is best when a player wants to switch there gaming platform and needs new FIFA coins. This full FIFA Ultimate Team account is registered by someone else and already filled with coins. Usually, coins sellers or coin farmers make these mule accounts that are filled with coins, and a transfer fee of 5% is also not applicable.

  • Player Auction Method:

This is also known as ‘’player transaction’’ or ‘’auction trade’’ method. In terms of security, this method stands higher than other methods. It basically works on the idea of selling unnecessary players to the platform and a get FIFA 20 coin in the gamers’ account. In this method, you can sell one or more players from your FUT team for the maximum auction price. This price corresponds to the number of coins you buy from the coin seller.

  • Comfort Trade Method:

This is the easiest and popular way to get FIFA 20 coins. This is also a reliable and commonly used option by sellers to transfer coins to your FIFA account. This is an instant automatic transfer of coins from a farmer’s account that saves you from the 5% penalty by EA. In this method, ban risk is also not very high because of the techniques used by coin shops. The systems of coin transfer shops are building not to be detected by the algorithm of EA. Another advantage of this method is its fast coins delivery as it is an automated system. The coins transfer to your account just within 15 to 30 minutes.

The risk of data protection or privacy is the most significant advantage of this method. For coins transfer, you need to tell your account password with a security question to the coins seller. To avoid this issue, it is advised to change your password and secret question just before and after every comfort trade. Trusted and reputed FIFA 20 coins, sellers, like, always protect and save your data and never try to login again to your account.


Playing the fair game is challenging for sure, and it is also not impossible to earn FIFA 20 coins through proper channels. Still, to remain in the game and establish a strong team, you need coins. Comfort Transfer is a way that saves your time and money with minimum risk.