Importance of Inch and Centimeter measurement in our daily life.

In our daily life, we use various kinds of products like clothes, cars or other necessary things. Most of the items are our fundamental needs, such as foods, clothes, houses, and some make our daily life more comfortable. Measurement is an essential thing in our everyday life. For calibration, we need to use various types of measurement scales, such as inch, millimeters (mm), centimeters (cm), kilometers (km), miles etc. People use Inches, Millimeters or Centimeters for measuring small kinds of things. To know accurate measurement is so necessary. Let’s see how inches and centimeters related to our daily life.

Measurement of Clothing

For both men and women, shirts are favorite clothing. To get a perfect shirt, anyone needs to know about his/her body shape. In this kind of measurement, inch and centimeters are essential. Width of the chest, length of the shirt, this kind of thing measured in inches and centimeters. There is the various size of shirts. For example, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL etc. These size names are determined by Inches measurement. Shirt of size S can be 29 inches long, 17 inches in shoulder-length, 39 inches chest, 38 inches hips. Some shirts are also measured in centimeters. For example, S size shirts have a length of 76 cm, shoulder width 45 cm, chest 92 cm, hips 98 cm. So, we can see clothing measurements are based on inches or centimeters. Inch/centimeters measurement knowledge is essential to buy a perfect shirt.

Measurement of Cars

In-car markets there have different kinds of cars. Each car model is changed to another in length and width. For example, the mean range of the car SEDAN is nearly one-hundred and seventy-seven inches. But the other vehicle has 172.3 inches.

The car SEDAN was longer than any other car. If we want to buy a vehicle of exact length that we need, we need the extent of the car in inch measurement scale.

Measurement of Houses

Without measuring, making a house is impossible. These people measure the place where the house will build. The plans for rooms such as how many rooms they need, how width each room will be, how many windows, how many doors etc. In this kind of work, inch and cm measurements are useful.

Measurement of Human-Body height

The demand for food isn’t the same for all. It changes with age, height and weight. People follow a food chart to get a healthy life and a sound body. A nutritionist makes his food chart based on body height and weight. For measuring body height, he must have to use an inch measurement. Then inch needs to convert into centimeters.