How to stop interruptions on YouTube videos

I’m a huge YouTube user, and despite the fact that I have an awesome internet package, it looks as if there are nonetheless times while YouTube videos get stuck buffering instead of playing when I need to enjoy HD video streaming. If you can relate to this, you may want to take a few minutes to read this piece, because we will talk about some common treatments for annoying buffering anxiety.

Why does this happen?

One thing I’ve learned over the years in IT is that even though you have the fastest internet in the world, that doesn’t mean the server you’re trying to communicate with. 

Well, at least we didn’t go down without explaining ourselves first, as Google did. Having a great competitor in the internet industry, perhaps with a much better Internet connection, doesn’t mean that hiccups can’t be caused by heavy traffic.

Basically, when a ton of people go to see and use YouTube at the same time, the servers are very hard to keep up with everyone. Sometimes they have their good days, and on others, they have their bad days.

For most part Google, Google’s unlimited funding has made it possible to implement really powerful servers that can handle large applications for just about anything, but at the moment, I still see things like that.

Most of the time, it causes trouble for the end-user rather than the end of YouTube, but we don’t account for anything. Below, we’ll discuss some ways you can fix this buffering problem by fixing troubleshooting while watching a video on YouTube.

 Putting an end to the buffering:

Restart your web browser:

Your web browser may be experiencing a hiccup, so go ahead and relaunch the web browser and then try reloading video to YouTube.

Restart your computer:

An issue with your computer, such as a malfunction in its video card, can cause potential problems with video playback on YouTube. They are rare, but from time to time they occur on lesser computers.

If you believe this is the case, restart your computer so that your video card drivers can have surgery again.

Use a VPN:

Wireless networks you’re connected to may prevent YouTube from loading or playing videos.

Using a VPN can keep you around any potential blocks that would otherwise prevent you from making a successful connection. 

Try another machine:

If that doesn’t work, try using another machine. Maybe one you’re using is too slow, or there’s a better Internet signal than the one you’re using on another machine.

Contact your Internet Service Providers:

Have you been promised a special internet speed? Make sure you’re getting it. I’ve seen situations where people who promised 15 megabytes per second were only getting 5. With more than one person on the same network, this hassle-absolutely chokes YouTube performance for anybody.

And contact your ISP (Internet Service Providers) to find out if you why not pay or upgrade to a faster internet package.