How to make international shipments?

Online sales have opened the doors of business to sell not only to customers in your city but to the entire state, the country and the entire world, but as we have said from the beginning, selling is easy. For many small online businesses, shipping a package internationally and understanding all the associated rules, regulations, and risks can be daunting.

Do not worry! For that we are the experts, we want to clarify all your doubts and provide you with the best possible information so that you know everything about how international shipments work and what you need to know in order to make such shipments correctly. You can avail of international moving with Schumacher for great experience while shipping.

First things first, how much does it cost to send a package from one country to another?

The parcels handle different prices according to the route and destination of your package, but all charge for each half kilogram and not for each kilogram as in national shipments. Always remember to declare the weight of your product without packaging and the weight with packaging.

The price also depends on the volume of your package and that all the paperwork is in order for the correct export of the product. It is important to emphasize that, if any document is not in order, this may merit a fine that is not cheap at all.

It is at this point that the management team enters to resolve these issues. We only need a detailed description of your product so that one of our advisers finds the correct tariff fraction and defines all export costs, so that you can make your shipments without spending money, time or extra effort.

How long does it take for my product to reach its international destination?

This question is very important. The most common ecommerceshipments are 6 to 9 days.

Depending on the urgency that your client has in receiving their product, it will be important that you mention the estimated arrival time of the shipment on your website, in this way, clients will be informed and will have the expected time in mind, or they will be able to know the cost extra for international express shipping.  

What do I need to send my product abroad?

First of all you should know your products and, based on their characteristics, and as we discussed at the beginning of the article, it is important that you check whether your product should pay taxes. There are products, such as tequila, that in some countries cannot be shipped with more than 40% alcohol. Do not forget to check the tariff fraction to know this information.

You must declare the content, value and reason for your shipments. This information must be 100% real and honest, since it is the one that will be taken into account at customs.

Nowadays it is a myth to say that making international shipments is very complicated, the reality is that it is not so complicated, and much less when you can have a logistics team like my shipping that is in charge of reviewing all the documentation for your international shipment, in addition to offer you fixed rates.