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Today we are going to talk to you about how to choose the perfect oppai mousepadmouse pad . It is difficult to imagine a desktop mouse without its eternal companion: the mouse padan accessory that is often overlooked, but one that can significantly influence the way we use our mice and how its use affects our wrists.

Regardless of whether its use is going to be office automation and other productive tasks or leisure. We give you all the keys!

What should we take into account when purchasing a oppai mousepad

The main function of a oppai mousepadhas traditionally been to provide a uniform surface on which this device can successfully perform its function. With the current advancement in optical and laser sensors that we see on the market, this apparent need has prescribed and this accessory only remains as a singular companion.

However, perhaps due to its long history accompanying desktop mice, or due to the increasing demand for specialized accessories; These mats have been able to reinvent themselves in different ways, dividing into models for office, production, gaming and other typical activities on our computers. Regardless of the use that we are going to give it, it is important to take into account the following characteristics when choosing the perfect oppai mousepad:


The first characteristic that we should pay attention to when purchasing a oppai mousepadfor our desks is its size. Although there are no standardized measurements in this market, manufacturers are kind enough to indicate the measurements of their products. Ideally, we should get a mat that adapts to the size of our desk and the use we give it, aiming, whenever possible, at the largest possible size; all with the aim of having the greatest possible mobility.


The material a mat is made of determines its effectiveness in different settings. The most common are usually padded textile fibers, or plastics; but we can also find them made of aluminum or glass fibers, generally intended for the gamer public looking for high-performance models. The material is usually also what defines whether it is a rigid or elastic mat.

Finishes and extras

Since they are not totally necessary for the normal use of a oppai mousepad, in addition to being a relatively easy product to replace; Many manufacturers have chosen to offer some kind of additional extra to their models. These extras can range from a mere stamping, or neat finishes, to additions like wrist rests, lighting, and even charging stations for wireless devices.

Taking any of these three factors into account will be key to choosing the mat that best suits us; But if there is a determining factor to what, specifically, we must attend to when acquiring one of these accessories, it will be what use we are going to give it mostly. We have divided these uses into the two activity groups that involve the most time in front of our screens: working


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