How to Build a Great Reputation at Work

It goes without saying that a good reputation is important in any profession and it’s something you need to cultivate as soon as you get your first job if you want to succeed down the road. When you protect your reputation, the easier it will be for you to go up the ladder and closer to your career dreams. 

That being said, Quanta have included a few simple tips to help you build a great reputation in your workplace, thus helping you cultivate your reputation and move up the ladder without unwanted barriers. 

Tip 1: Earn Before You Ask

You clearly know you will do your best and become an asset. Also, you know you’ll have to ask for a favor every now and then. As you build your career, it is imperative to have a bit of patience and only ask for these perks when you have proven yourself. Prove that you are reliable and do not ask for anything until you have earned it. If you do this, you will have much more leeway down the line. 

Tip 2: Take Initiative 

Consider taking on that big project without even being asked to. You will not always get specific assignments or even graded feedback. However, it is wise to think beyond the current to-do tasks and figure out what you can do the help the organization as well as yourself in order to grow. In some cases, this is simple as cleaning the supply space and earning several brownie points. 

Tip 3: Keep Work First with Work Friends

In your adulthood, a good percentage of your friends will be those you make in the workplace. However, it’s important to note that as long as you work together, these will be professional relationships. Even though the organization appears to be close-knit, do not be tempted to tell too quickly and allow it to untangle naturally. It is wise to keep your cards to yourself until you are on more solid ground. 

Tip 4: Be Tactful

Even when you are certain, it is usually best to give out your opinions with a bit of humility and politicking. Only bluster around when you have earned that position with proven experience, consistency, and competency.  Be tactful and avoid coming off as a know-it-all, at least at the beginning. 

Tip 5: Get it Done

Seeking help and clarification on instructions from the supervisor is an excellent idea, especially in our first several weeks, when you are still learning the ropes. However, after a month or two, you need to know how to figure things out and get it done efficiently, instead of running to the boss. Keep in mind you got employed to do the job!