How Business Cards Can Help You to Increase Your Sales?

Whether you are planning to start a business or you are already running one, you should know the worth of a business card. It might seem like a piece of paper to you at first, but it’s time we see for what it really is and what opportunities it provides to the businessmen if designed flawlessly. A modern simple business card indeed proves that you are a business owner who is professional and considerate about his work. It is an essential marketing tool and can attract leads to your business.

So, the question remains: How to Increase Sales through your Business Card:

  1. Add an offer and track your card:

We all know it is human nature to be drawn towards freebies and discounted offers. Hence, one of the best ways to attract clients towards your company or website is to add an offer at the back of your card. E.g., you can ask them to visit your site or sign up for your bulletin and benefit a rebate of 10% on the services offered by you or your organization. This way, you not only gain leads but also get the opportunity to send out emails informing prospects about new products or services.

  1. Convey more than just contact information:

Business cards can be used to provide more than just contact information. Modern simple business cards should be designed to direct the clients towards your brand. Everything on the business card counts, be it, the graphics, fonts, or white-spacing. The ideal approach is to keep the card unique yet straightforward and informative. Adding useful minimal data can effortlessly provoke the client to do business with you.

  1. Add credibility and testimonials:

A testimonial can have a massive impact on your clients. A new customer is more likely to relate to an old customer’s experience than you lauding your own brand. Nevertheless, adding previous client encounters and recommendations on the card might not be possible, so it is better to add a quote or link to the site where they can read the past clients’ audits.

  1. Add a Marketing Message (explain your services in one line):

We often come across the position or the job title of an individual mentioned on their business card, which has its significance. However, the better methodology is to add what service, product, or facility you can provide to them in one line or a few words. In this way, there is a higher chance of engaging with a potential client and cracking a deal with them.

  1. Hand out cards to a potential customer/ first-time customers:

One thing to always remember is that business never sleeps; hence, make sure to carry your personal cards with you at all times. Each time you come in contact and start a conversation with an individual who is or might be interested in your business, make sure to give out your card to them.

Business cards can act as the best sales agent for you and your company. All you have to do is put some time and effort into designing modern simple business cards, keeping in mind the points mentioned above. Then use these cards to direct sales to your brand with little to no effort.