We all love grand theft auto aka GTA so much. It is one of our most favorite games ever. Whether it’s the GTA vice city, legendary San Andreas, or the last release GTA v, every part of the game has been loved by the fans. The game has been released over a range of platforms including PC and various other Consoles. However, there have been few words on the next part of the game since the release of GTA v. Finally we have come up with some news that deserves your attention. Here it is.
Release date:
The 6th part of the game is stuck in what we call in case of movies a development hell. Fans have been frustrated with Rockstar games because it’s taking such a long time to release GTA 6. There have been very few to no updates from Rockstar games till now. The game has been also subject to some controversies that just added to the problem.
According to some news media reports, as of April 2020, the film is still in its development stage. There has been no update as to the release date of the game, and it is very hard to predict the date as of now. So, stay tuned.

GTA 6 release date, storyline, and gameplay update.

Just like the 6th part of the game itself, there have been no details on the story of the game idea. It is expected to feature some of the extended storylines of some previous parts of the game. We will update you if there is any update.
The game will be an open-world game just like the previous version. The game is said to be more interactive than before and the gameplay options will be better than GTA v. It is still unclear on what platforms the game will release.
We are too excited by the news. Are you excited too? So, stay tuned with us for more such latest updates. Read more..


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