Fat Burner Supplements: The Good and The Evil

Fat Burner

It is undeniable that every one of us does not want to end up in a sumo wrestling contest or in a heavyweight division boxing fight. Simply said, we all want to control ourselves from being too fat. In aiming to be physically fit, we are faced with two options: the natural and the artificial way.

Let us put it this way – you are confronted with the dilemma of choosing either diet and exercise or the best-selling brand of fat burner to trim down your weight. Which would you prefer? Usually, people prefer the second one for some reasons. However, is it really the ideal option?
Like any other method, fat burners have benefits and lapses to offer. To guide you with your decision, here are its pros and cons:


  1. Speed: The most common reason why these supplements are booming in the market is because of its ability to produce results in a minimal period of time. While some products burn most of your calories for a month, the strongest manifests a thinner you in just a few days. On the other hand, the natural means would take you several months just to see an inch lesser in your waistline.
  2. Ease: This criterion would refer to the effort one has to exert just to see the results. Pills are obviously easier to use than natural methods because all you need to do is buy and drink. This means no difficult crunches, tiring jogs, and controlled appetite. Natural ways require your discipline, motivation, and hard work while fat burners only demand your money. It is indeed easy, huh?
  3. Faster Metabolism: Research has proven that the blend of ingredients contained in a fat burner intervenes with the body’s metabolism, thus allowing it to burn fat faster. On the other hand, a daily run would just help you sweat but would not improve your system’s ability to break down your food intake.

Although only one criterion lurks in the negative side, its gravity could be equivalent to the three items for the pro side. The major con of this type of weight-loss method is the health harms. Since a small tablet contains potent stimulants that disrupt the natural metabolism, the body is vulnerable to the following side effects:

  1. Insomnia: This condition is usually known as the inability to sleep. Once you get entrenched with these pills and tablets, you should be prepared for those sleepless nights. And since sleeping pills is the way to get you to snooze again, you are again prone to its side effects.
  2. Irritability: Yes, fat burner intake could turn you into a girl who is in her period. These products interfere with the hormone production of your body which is also responsible for your emotions. Thus, the good hormones that make you happy tend to be elusive as a compromise.
  3. Headaches: Your brain is also affected because of the artificial process. In fact, this harm is linked to irritability. The brain, the organ responsible for the distribution of hormones, reacts to the sudden change in the metabolism. Thus, your head would hurt from time to time.
    Now that you understand the pros and cons of choosing fat burner supplements as a way to trim down, you can already have an informed choice in the time that you decide to be physically fit.