Extra Coarse Salt Market- Type, Application, Region, End use and Segment Forecast, 2018-2028

Extra Coarse Salt: Introduction

Extra coarse salt is a crystalline sodium chloride manufactured by solar evaporation of the brine. These salts are also high in calcium, magnesium, and iron in comparison with refined salts. This salt obtained is then processed. This is done by washing the salt with clean brine to strip it off of impurities. The salt is then drained from excess moisture and dried. They are then screened to size and are termed as extra coarse salt.

The extra coarse salt is used in the food especially in the meat industry due to the taste of the minerals the extra coarse salt gives. The extra coarse salt is also used in for water softening and also for ice melting. The usage in industries of the extra coarse salt was more. But nowadays, the use of extra coarse salt in households has become a trend due to the benefits offered by the extra coarse salt in terms of taste and minerals. The size of the extra coarse salt is around 4-6mm and requires higher solubility time.

The companies in the extra coarse salt market are also adding more iodine in the extra coarse salts that are being used in food preparations to provide extra nutrition to the consumers. The packaging of the products is also done innovatively to provide a fresh and make it more appealing to the consumers. Few of the companies in the extra have innovated pour-spout pouches to make the usage of extra coarse salt easy and attractive to consumers.

Himalayan Sea Salt: The new Extra Coarse Salt in the market

The Himalayan Sea Salt has been obtained from ancient sea beds from within the Himalayan mountains that have crystallized way before. This Himalayan sea salt which is believed to be the purest form is available in the size of extra coarse salt. This is now packaged by the companies to attract new consumers in the market. Also, the price is higher for these Himalayan extra coarse salts due to the rarity of these as marketed by the companies. These are not organic but they are Kosher certified.

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Extra Coarse Salt: Key Players

Some of the leading players of global extra coarse salt market include SaltWorks Incorporated, Cargill Incorporated, Morton Salt Incorporated, San Francisco Salt Company, Sullivan Corporation, US Salt LLC, Olsson & Company, Southwest Salt Company LLC.

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Extra Coarse Salt: Activities of the participants

  • Saltworks Inc., in 2016, had launched a new Salt Portal, to serve B2B customers. The wholesale and bulk customers will be served on this website. It is a mobile-friendly website and the company has been received the best B2B user experience award.

Extra Coarse Salt: Opportunities

The key players in the extra coarse salt market are very less. This gives the new players an opportunity to grow in this market. The trend of using extra coarse salt has increased in households which have pushed the extra coarse salt manufacturers to offer new innovative packaging for retail markets.

Also, the Kosher certification obtained by the manufacturers will promote the retail sales of extra coarse salt. New research and innovations are being carried out by the companies to form a new and better form of extra coarse salt to the consumers especially for salt used in food preparations.

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