What is an essay?

An Essay is a piece of writing on a particular area or topic, written as part of their academic coursework. There are many different types of essays, such as:

 Descriptive Essays

 Argumentative Essays

 Expository Essays

 Narrative Essays

As a student, essay writing forms a big part of your academic coursework. You will be required to pen essays in almost all academic areas.

Writing a winning essay doesn’t just come; it requires a lot of training and practice to perfect. It is for this reason that most students seek online essay help for their essay assignments. You need to know the different formats for writing essays. You need to be able to come up with good topics for your essays. The topics will usually vary depending on your academic discipline.

The first part of an exposition is usually the cover page of the essay. It usually contains information on the name of the writer, the essay topic, the writer’s institution, date of publication and a running head. Essay cover pages are not necessary; however different formatting styles such as APA essay format necessitate a cover page that will set the tone for the rest of the exposition, and so it is always important to teach yourself on how to write a good cover page.

The title will introduce the essay to the teacher. You need to write an eye catching title in order to attract the attention of the teacher.

The second part of the exposition usually is the introduction page. An introduction is the first part after the title and in some cases comes after the abstract part. The introduction is considered to be the most crucial part of your exposition, as it conveys the message you want to pass on to the person reading. Most examiners will judge your essay based on the introductory

page so it is always vital to get it right from the beginning. You can spruce the introduction page by adding an essay hook just before the introduction.

The body of the essay is usually the next part. This is the main part of the essay as it gives the crux of the essay. The body contains the information meant to be relayed and objectives of the essay and how clearly you relay them will determine if you score an A grade or not. You should espouse all your points and explain them in a manner that will convey the message you want.

The conclusion part is the last part and it is a summary of the main points without repeating the information relayed in the body. A teacher should be able to read your conclusion paragraph and understand the crux of the essay.

A well written conclusion paragraph makes the difference between a well written and a poorly written essay; however, it doesn’t make up for a poorly written body. It is therefore important to ensure that the points in your conclusion paragraph are in tandem with those of the body.

The final part is editing and proofreading. This ensures that your essay does not have any grammatical errors and doesn’t go against any formatting rules. You can choose to either do it yourself or outsource it from a reliable “do my homework for money” service. With these few tips your essay should be well written.